Friday, March 16, 2012

Consider the soul bomb

When I first tried DE (after my first 5 games with CL - man they're boring XD), the one thing I thought was REALLY crap was the soulbomb. Inferno does a buttload of damage, and stomps. Soulbomb (it's really called soul harvest by the way) does a piddily 100 damage, and rezzes multiple characters. Meeeeh.

Now I know better, though. The best thing about a soulbomb is not the damage, it's not the rez (although those are realllly useful), it's the increased max health. You see, the soulbomb gives all your units extra life, depending on how many enemy units it hits. It's a byzantine calculation depending on how many enemy units you hit, the resistance of the enemy units you hit, how many units you have on the field... see here for a spreadsheet Drvumad helpfully did up - (I can't remember this crap either!)

So what's so great about getting maybe 40 extra HP? 1 AP, that's what.

Take a look at this:

0% resist
Hits 200     300     450     600
2 400     600     900     1200
3[1] 600     900     1350   1800
4[2] 800     1200   1800   2400
5[3] 1000   1500   2250   3000

20% resist
Hits 200   300     450     600
2 320   480     720     960
3[1] 480   720     1080   1440
4[2] 640   960     1440   1920
5[3] 800   1200   1800   2400

It's a damage table I calculated, so that I don't have to calculate damage every time. A 200 damage unit does 640 damage in 4AP to a 20% resist unit, and so on. In particular, notice the numbers that come up. A normal 200 damage unit does 800 damage in 4 hits to a 0% resist unit, and 5 hits to a 20% resist unit. That means a kill in 4 AP or 5 AP respectively. But add 40 HP, and that's suddenly a kill in 5 and 6 AP! That's huge! Another number is 960 with 20% resist. That's a normal 800 unit with a brooch and helm. That should be a 4 AP kill with a 300 damage unit, but add 40 HP, and that's suddenly a 5AP kill! So, don't sleep on the soulbomb. A soulbomb appearing in your hand early in the game can be a game changer, not a waste of a slot. If you have too many items, think about throwing it out, especially in the early game when your opponent doesn't have swords out on the field, and the 200damage v 800HP unit situation happens all the time.

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