Monday, March 26, 2012

Game replay: tabby_nat v ArtNJ

Okay, so I thought I had some free time last week (having taken a day of vacation), and started a game with ArtNJ. I was a dumass and forgot that I took that day of vacation to MOVE HOUSE. Sort like of forgetting that ninjas can teleport, but RL ninjabombs hurt more.

Anyway Art kindly offered to comment on this post before it went up, so you'll see some comments from him throughout (and if you don't, it's because he was lazy! YEAH! XD)

Comments in RED are Art's comments, comments in BLUE are my comments to his comments!

So anyway. Off to the races - I start with a forward necro and priestess combo - I copied this off someone else, but using an imp instead of a necro. The idea is that you start with an early forward unit so that your opponent is pinned back. He can't kill your forward unit on 1 turn (best is imp deploy, move, attack, attack, attack. Priestess then rezzes for the kill.). I have since learnt that this doesn't work with a necro, because a necro can't killstomp after being rezzed. But always experiment! It's fun! For certain values of fun. >.>

Art responds with an archer + hat. So my necro can't killstomp in 5AP, as I had planned for. Now, don't try this next move at home, kids...

Art's Comment: My deployment is possibly flawed. Tabby *should* assume that I have a second priestess or potion to rez the priestess, and *should* leaver her alone. But I actually dont have any of those things, so if he decides to be overly aggressive, its going to be a huge annoyance for me

... because it's a crappy one. 

Art moves 1 square back, kills my necro, and takes the power tile. So I've traded a necro for a cleric. That's noooot a bad trade IMO - I tend to rate necros somewhat lower than most people.

Art: Actually, it turns out great since I dont get another priestess for a longgg while. Its not a pruden move on Tabby's part because I might have had a potion, but its not a terrible thing to try vs. a higher rated player. The higher rated player (me) should never have allowed this move without a pot or at least a second priestess in hand.

I bring out another necro and sword him. Archer can't kill unless she scrolls because I'm on the defence tile, and I swap a broach..

Art: I will scroll kill an upgraded necro every day of the week, so I dont love this move. Plus, the nec is more powerful on the sword tile anyway.

And Art burns a scroll. Burgh. Whyyyyyyyy. So that 1 scroll for a sword and necro. To be honest, the loss of the sword hurts more than the necro.

Art: Tabby gets burned here. Pretty much the entire purpose of a scroll is to kill a unit with runemetal or a fully upgraded knight in a strong position. I didnt hesitate. That he cant kill/stomp me with the priestess is really just a bonus; I would have done it anyway.

I pop an imp and scroll kill the archer. Tip: always kill with a priestess where possible if you can't stomp - if he rezzes, he rezzes with the debuff. Same with the Annihilator - you want to kill with the debuff. 

He lets his archer expire and brings out 2 knights. This /is/ the 2 crystal map after all, he's going for the gem tiles.

Art: If I had a potion, I would have used it on the archer, and got bonus value out of the archer/nec trade. But my hand is a little limited here.

I challenge with my VM and imp. Not much to say, pretty standard.  

Art: Looks fine, and I'm really sweating my lack of a priestess after this deployment.

Another hatted archer. Grrr. 3 range units on the defense or power tiles cover the gem tiles, so I won't be able to hold the tiles for long. I need a way to get rid of that archer, and the imp is it.

Art: Why the concern at this point? I'm just developing, in a VM safe way, no threats yet.

Tabby: I usually take out the 300 damage units as fast as I can - when sworded, they are a PAIN to deal with, and they are usually the only things that have enough burst damage to kill a buffed VM. There's no real rush per se, but I find that imps have little purpose in CL matches other than to kill archers and ninjas. Maybe that's just my style. XD

 This is a bait. If he kills with the knight (200x4 + stomp) my wraith will walk through and killnom (and his knight will be 1 AP further from the gem tile. He won't be silly enough to stomp using his archer. ;)

Art: I'm a little skeptical of this trade because if I have another archer to deploy, its basically a free unit. However, I dont have another archer, so its a perhaps favorable trade.

He moves over to the power tile to kill, no stomp. Which is also fine for my purposes..

Art: Probably this is not the best square for my archer, a safer retreat would have been better.


He moves his wizard up to kill. 

So I raise, pot, and he brings his ninja in. Art is definitely ahead at this point - look at the stuff he has on the field, and all in very good positions. My mistake was giving up the imp for the archer, I think. All that AP I spent moving the imp around for an even trade made it a loss AP-wise, and Art has definitely capitalised by reinforcing. I try to catch up by dumping upgrades on my guys and moving them to places where, in my head, they make sense.

Art: I am not actually ahead, because I have no priestess in my hand. Moreover, 2 archers are dead and I dont have another in hand.

Tabby: Interesting. I didn't think of it that way. In retrospect, I was playing this like I had to be worried about clerics - I should have dived in and done damage, not plink around for position. Noted!

Here comes the bone headed move. Can you see it? Of course you can, you're not an idiot like me. ;) The niiiinjaa caaan teeeleeepoooooo~~~~

Art: Can a father with a smoking hot 13 year old daughter be over protective? That is how you should act towards your runemetal'd units. Conventual upgrading and deployment would have been good for equality.

Tabby: I know. I just.. forgot.. that the ninja could teleport over. >.> No really. I forgot.

Oh bugger.

Backpedaling and rationalisation time - I totally meant to do that! It's you know, exchanging a potted sworded gemed 1 nom wraith for a bare naked ninja! I totally meant to do that!

... yeah I'm an idiot. XD

This gives Art the initiative again! So he does whatever he wants, and he wants to reinforce. Looking at the stuff he's putting, my guess is that he's burning his hand to get to stuff he wants before he makes his move - he's doing the equivalent of looking through his deck to get his combos out in MTG. And to throw another reference in there, what I did was a "gote" move in Go - this is a move which does not threaten the opponent at all, and hands initiative back to them uncontested. The opposite is a "sente" move, which forces your opponent to respond in a certain way. Google those terms - they are very important in any turn based game, and I'll probably do a blog post about them some time in the future. :)

Art: My god, my deployment is aweful! You never want this many units out against DE because the darn VM's will be so annoying. I had no choice, because I had no priestess out. About this time Tabby should be noticing I *still* have no priestess out, forgiving himself for his error and thinking he still has a chance.

Tabby: That's an interesting way of analysing this. It's definitely true that VMs get a lot more killable, even by magic units, if you don't have enough units for them to leech off of. Food for thought.

So anyway now he has a field full of stuff, but I notice that he's only got unsworded wizards out. And nothing says "unkillable by magic" like hatted VMs. :D And I got those! So I stick one in his face. Notice that that VM is in range of the priestess, so if he gets KOed (no stomp possible), I'll just raise and punch away until I'm topped up again. 

In retrospect, this was a bad move. I should have tried to get as much out on the field as possible (see my Macro v Micro post below) - Since he can't cause severe damage either in raw numbers or positioning wise, I should have put the priestess and VM and equipped the VM, out there, now, rather than wait until a worse opportunity forced my hand.

Art: yeah, I'd probably get the other VM out and hope for the third sword and some scrolls. One VM with no sword & scroll is just an annoyance. I can afford the minimal crystal damage, heal and still gain a few tempo. So its a premature attack.

Art sees that hitting the VM is not going to do any good and skips right past to the priestess. Le sigh. 

Art: I'm trying to trade units so I'm not so badly crowded, which is bad against VMs.

My necro is practically forced to kill the wiz, otherwise I'll lose the necro too, for not much gain. At least I get the power tile!

Well. Not for long, anyway. Notice how I stubbornly refuse to BRING OUT MY GUYS SHEESH what was I thinking. XD

Art: I finally get my priestess. I guess I'm winning now, but VM's are still annoying against bunched units. I really struggle to get them off because my ninja is gone and I dont have an archer (2 of 3 gone, 3rd not in deck yet). I cant help but think that tabby could really still make a game of this because my physical damagers are so depleted.

 So I'm down on doods, I'm down on positioning.. Go for the gem kill!

Art drops his sword on his knight. I'm not exactly sure why - pity points? The most charitable conclusion I can come up with is that he forgot that he had an archer left, and wanted some physical damage to kill my VMs (since his wizards can't do it).

Art: Lol, I'm not too sure why either, except that the 3rd Archer is nowhere in sight and the VM's are hella annoying. Look at it this way -- I have one archer left, no ninja, so the sword has to go somewhere. And I only have one wizard out 1 or 2 dead so....probably not the right move, but I was floundering a little myself...DE are really annoying without archers/ninjas. I could easily have outsmarted myself earlier...if he can make a super-VM Tabby could still have a chance.

I finally get my priestess and VM out and buffed. I'm thinking of getting my VM out next round and starting to whale on that crystal. That power tile looks mighty tempting, but the big sword is kind of a bummer.

He knocks me off the gem tile with the burly man and moves up. 

So I run around for a top up. Good thing about VMs, they are seriously hard to kill - you need a lot of physical burst damage, or redonkulous amounts of magic damage.

Wiz takes a drink and the two burly men play pingpong with my VM. I'm thinking that I need to get to his gem and start killing quick, before his archer comes out and my VMs can't charge around recklessly any more.

Art: Well, you want to sword up a VM, get a scroll and inflict some serious carnage, or at least safely kill the wizards. Again, the VM's are a problem for me, this game could well still be equalish.

I go harrass the wiz some more. The main thing is, though, I'm whittling away at the knight - that's my main aim. I want to get the other gem tile so that I can really smack that crystal down.

He smacks me away and heals up his wizard. And here's the archer! Party's over. At this point, my VM has 1050 HP - which will die in 1 scrolled sworded archer hit. I need to be over 1080 to survive that... so I have to bide my time and wait for a good time to use the soulbomb.

Can't stomp - archer will get me. Can't stomp - archer will get me. Can't stomp - archer will WAAAAAAAUUIGGHH

 On the bright side, he's nicely bunched up now. =D

Alright. Gearing up for my final stand. I've got my 1080 HP VM from using the soulbomb, so I can at least survive the scrolled archer. He has a fireball in hand (2 actually), so I can't rely on range being my safety. My plan is to dive in, take the defense tile and plug away as much as I can, rez and repeat.

Wiz comes over for a few zaps. I can deal with that for now.

I skip over to the power tile, soften up everyone (yum!) and head up to the defense tile to wait for the scrolled archer.

Art: forgetting the boost tile is the decisive mistake. VM are speedy buggers, dive in, wack x3 and retreat. I only have the one archer and cant expose it. Keep the VM alive and the game is still close.

... I forgot the power tile. WAUGH! And my priestess could move up there, and rez, but even if I run all the way back to my deploy, HE HAS 2 FIREBALLS. Double WAUGH!

I decide my best option is to rez, do as much damage as I can, and make him spend the AP to kill me. In the meantime, my priestess and necro are waiting to dive in for the crystal  kill.

Art: This cant be right...that VM is your 13 year old smoking hot daughter...are you really sacrificing her? Is there no way to save her (him)? What about priestess in position to heal (2ap), 2xheals and retreat to in front of the nec. Yes, I can kill you, but can I do it without exposing my archer? Maybe...I havent spent the time here. Just saying you dont plan on sacrificing your last runemetal without soul searching agony :)

Tabby: I DID! You have no idea how many times I replayed this. =p The thing is, priestess needs 2AP move, 1AP rez for sure. So I have 2AP to play with. If I simply heal heal, your archer takes him out no problem. If I heal and VM moves to necro, archer can move up to the defense tile, shoot shoot fireball and have 1 AP to do whatever. If I spend 2 AP moving, you have TWO fireballs! I need to spend 1 AP to heal, or you can kill stomp from anywhere on the field.

CL is sooooo OP. XD

He stomps with the cleric. Good, good. Now, I prepare for my final stand.

I move my imp and VM up - kind of like a reverse fork - you can deal with one or the other, but that will take you AP which you'll need for me to kill you. Note that my priestess, imp and VM can all hit the crystal. My VM and necro are 1 AP away from the crystal. Of course, he could just knock me off the gem tile...


He chooses to deal with the imp. Fairnuff, that means..

I get a few whacks in with the VM. Why not stomp with the buff knight instead of giving up the power tile? But I guess Art thinks he doesn't need it right now, the smug ba~

Art: If the VM is going to die, I really dont care which of my other units he picks off as long as the archer lives.

Stomps with the archer to get the power tile. Good move, but my archer is still alive. Just a few more whacks...

Just... a ... few... more....

Art: I wish I could reconstruct the exact situation enough for close analysis. Tabby does get my crystal low, maybe there is a shot somewhere. The problem is that Tabby has no runemetal and no scrolls left.

... aw fiddlesticks.

I could kill the knight with the necro... stand on the tile with either the VM or the necro and hit the crystal with the other?

Not happening.

OH WELL! Good game, I'llgitchew next time! (And thanks for guest commentary by ArtNJ himself!)

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