Sunday, March 25, 2012

Macro and Micro - Don't neglect your back benchers!

Ok, this is going to be a quick one, because I'm moving and hardly have time for HA, much less blogging! Anyway, a common mistake lots of people make is pressing too hard. I'm going to borrow some terms from Star Craft here:

Micro: micromanaging your units so that they have the greatest effect. In HA, this means all your fancy footwork to make sure that your unit stay alive and do the most damage they can.

Macro: ensuring that you have enough materiel to make war with. Essentially, getting lots of units out onto the field.

In HA, you only get 5 AP per turn, true. But never think that this 5 AP is always best spent killing doods - sometimes, it's best spent bring your units out, equipping your units, to make sure that you've got more options for future turns.

A good rule of thumb is, look at your units and your opponent's - if you have fewer than your opponent on the board, and he has fewer reinforcements than you, then look for a good time to bring out your units.

Sometimes, you don't even have the luxury of moving your units to safety before bringing out new units. It's far, far worse to move 1 impaler to safety in exchange for allowing your opponent the time to move all his units up and reinforce. It may be better to let him kill the impaler and get out a replacement (and another necro!) in exchange!

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