Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shooting the deploy tile

This one's going to be a quickie - most of you should already know this, but some of you might not. The deploy tile is a strange sort of tile, with respect to stomping. You can't move onto your opponent's deploy tile, so you can't stomp in the traditional sort of way. You can, however, perform a melee attack at the tile, which will "stomp" the KOed unit on that square.

 Well, ok, but so what? The difference is, as always, 1 AP. A ranged unit can KO at a distance of 2 tiles, and generally would be able to use the next AP to move over the downed unit and stomp. HOWEVER, this does not apply if the final square is a deploy tile! See this diagram for illustration (I know, these graphics are so 1980s, right?). The Ninja has 800HP and no resists. The Imp has 300 damage. In 5AP, if the Ninja wasn't on a deploy tile but anywhere else, the Imp would be able to do a 5AP killstomp. But not now!

 So, just a tip - keeping your unit on the deploy tile basically gives +1AP protection against ranged units.

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