Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tournament replay: Jayshap(CL) v tabby_nat(DE)

Hi there! This is the first post on Oh My Void Monks, in which I, tabby_nat, share my sekrets on Hero Academy.

This is a replay (or actually, a play by play, if you had access to this blog post as I was drafting it) of my match against JayShap in the Reegan memorial tournament that was held on the Robot Entertainment Hero Academy forums.

So, here goes! I'll be putting up the moves in batches of 4 (since that's all that my iPhone can email at a time. Stupid iOS. If anyone has a better solution please leave a comment!).

Moves 1-4

Not much to say. I'm guessing he didn't draw any clerics, so he decided to put some early pressure on. He put a hat on his archer, so I decide to respond with an imp on the top half to threaten diving in and killing, trading a hatted archer for my bare imp. That's a trade I really want to make!

He ducks the hatted archer down, and shields her. Damn, I need to deal with that archer quick, or if she gets a sword... ugh.

He pops a knight at the bottom, followed by an archer. Probably going for the gem kill, but there's not much I can do about it now - he's got a helm on, so an unbuffed necro is not going to do anything. So I prep my imp with a sword, fishing for a quick kill on the buffed archer, and burn the helm and pot on the VM to get something I can USE!

Moves 5-8

He takes the gem assault tile, takes a few pot shots at my gem and hides. Typical. *sniff*

I still don't see any clerics, and his deploy tile is still occupied (so he needs minimum 5 turns to raise the knight), so I get my buffed imp over to take out the knight, even if I can't stomp. If I can get him to burn his 2 pots (1 pot to raise, 1 to heal), even better.

Yup. He's got a pot. Taking more shots at my gem. Only uses the 1 pot though, so he's giving me the knight, and I'm going to take it. I'm feeling a bit twitchy now, but it's my forward gem that's getting hit, so that's pretty much expected. I take out his knight and bring out my necro to develop my side a bit more, and leave a dump on the gem tile. ;)

So far, he's swapped piece development for pure gem damage. His units are not very supported, or developed, but mine are pretty cramped in the lower right too. I'm not sure who's ahead at this point, but I want to take out his hatted archer with my buffed imp, even if I have to sac. Then that's 2 helms down, and my necros become way more valuable (and I have 2 more swords in the bank).

Moves 9-12

He continues with straight out shooting at my gem, even without the gem tile. I'm not sure if that's a good idea, he's already less developed on the field, and without the gem tile, I'm not sure if it's worth it. I can't directly kill+ stomp with my imp, but I do know that he can't kill+stomp my VM in one round without a scroll. Even if he does have a scroll and killstomps my VM, I can killstomp his archer the next round, and get the positional advantage for sure. It's a gamble, but I take it...

.. and whaddayaknow, he has a scroll. MEH. I use the phantom to stomp so that his wizard can't killstomp me using the power tile. Priestess is behind to raise the imp so that she can killstomp if the wiz if he tries. I anticipate that he'll use this lull to bring out more pieces, so I plan to move up my necro to my power tile and give him a hat, since I'm sure the wiz is coming down to zap my crystal for the kill at some point. Imp is covering the gem tile for now and restricting the movement of the bottom archer.

Moves 13-16

Yup, here come his units. Knight and wiz - he's still going for the gem kill. And I don't have enough units to block. Darn.

Under the circumstances, I get the knight out of the way (+1 turn to get to the gem tile), and kill the archer .My imp has 845 due to the soulbomb, so he can't kill+stomp AND rez. Or he can burn another scroll, but I'm happy with that too. If he rezzes without killing, I retreat to the gem tile and get positional advantage. If he kills but doesn't stomp, I soulbomb and killstomp (and either pot or lifesteal just to delay for a few more AP).

Out pops his first cleric! Rezzes, heals up and retreats.

His archer is now in a bad spot, can't advance due to knight, cleric, and gem, so I'm not worried about my imp for now. I was thinking of stomping the cleric and killing the archer, but another pot or cleric means my imp dies just for a bare cleric when he has 2 more. And my pieces are pretty sparse after losing my VM (was that a mistake? Hmmmm). So I take the easy kill and the gem tile, and dump items and units to try and get something I can use. Delay tactics time!

He still has 2 shields, so my imps and VMs are slightly less effective. A sworded imp is always worth saving, though, and if I manage to kill his archers, he might not have enough burst damage to kill a fully buffed VM, or Wraith if I can swing it. I've only got 2 sets of equipment left, though. I got a Wraith and a sword! WOOT! Now I'm planning to sword up the wraith and prescroll, to hide on the bottom deploy tile behind the necro. Basically, deny the gem tile (1 move, 2 attack, 1 eat, 1 retreat) and get my wraith some noms! Only 1 helm left Jay, better make it count. ;)

Moves 17-20

As expected, he retreats and macros up. ;)

I had too many items in my hand again, so I set up a pre-scrolled sworded wraith on my deploy tile. There's not much that he can do about it now, but this denies the gem tile and the power tile. If I can, I'll take my power tile with a buff VM and try to move up the pre-scrolled wraith, but sometimes the threat is worth more than the execution.

He decides to move up and take a few shots. Now there's a few things I can do. If I want to sac my sworded imp, I can dive in and killstomp the archer, so he has only one left, but then my imp will die the next turn in 2 AP or so, and I can't really take advantage. I could also killstomp the knight, but same issue. My wraith can actually dash out, killnom the cleric and retreat to relative safety in front of my buff necro, but if he has an inferno he can killstomp my wraith, and I haven't seen any infernoes yet, so I know he has 2 in his pocket. I also know that he has 2 swords. Generally CL likes to have their swords on their wizards, archers or ninja, but I'm guessing he'll save it for his archer or ninja.

So I take the safe option. Drag his knight over, kill, and phantom. His archer can killstomp my imp, but then my wraith gets the nom. If he stomps using the inferno, my wraith has to move up to the space previously occupied by the phantom, killnom the archer and retreat to behind the crystal. Now he only has 1 knight left, so even if he swords his archer, he can't go crazy on me. Although my units will be weakened by the inferno, it seems like he doesn't have anything to take advantage. I still haven't seen his ninja, though, and we're well into the midgame. Looking for the dreaded ninjabomb. *shudder*

Moves 21-24

As expected, although I forgot that the archer could move forward just one space instead of two. Bah. I'll have to spend an extra turn to get behind the crystal, so I won't.

I'll just park on the power square instead. No biggie. We're back to the neutral game, I need to develop my hand and remember that my necro isn't at full.

Ohhhh crap. Now that my imp is out of the way, he's brought out the big gun. I need to stay at least 4 tiles away from ANY CL unit to avoid killstomp/retreat to safety. Maaaaaaan. Note the use of the deploy tile and the crystal to protect his ninja. I still have a scroll in my pocket, and one imp. Imp kills ninja in 4 hits, 3 with scroll. To killstomp I need to get my imp within 1 AP move, 1 AP scroll, 2 AP attack, 1 AP stomp of the ninja. NOT EASY. The only other unit I can use is the wraith, but I'm kinda hoping for the "monsta wraith" strategy. I'll gladly sac my wraith to killstomp a ninja though.

So imp goes out in front. He can kill imp or necro, but cannot stomp. So I anticipate him moving up his wizards to try for gemkill will cleric on gem tile. I want meet them with my VM since he can take 4AP of wizzard attacks, BUT the ninja can swap and kill in 2 AP, so I might use the VM as bait or wraithfood. We'll see. Jay still has 2 swords that I need to deal with.

Move 25-29

Ok, as expected he's moving forward to start gem killing. His cleric is kinda exposed, though. My top gem only has 100 health, he didn't need to get his cleric on the gem tile. I think he should have moved both wizards up first instead, then I wouldn't be able to kill both before he got shots off.

I use my imp to kill the cleric, and heal my imp up to full. On hindsight, this was a good thing because had I left my imp there, the wiz would be able to chain across both gems. I later realise that this was a BAD decision.

Oh man. Oh, MAN. Maybe I haven't been playing against enough gemkillers, but waddayaknow. He scrolls his ninja, stands on the gem tile, drops an inferno centered on my lower gem, runs up to the gem, and smacks it for HELLA DAMAGE. Now my bottom gem only has about 1200 left.


I know he still has a archer and sword in his hand. He also has 3 wizards, and 1 more knight. I have serious doubts I can do this.

Luckily, he has to sacrifice his fully buffed ninja, so wraith gets ninja noms. Now I have to keep him off the power tile, and I use my pot on my Priestess because this is crunch time, and chain lighting is probably coming her way. With a priestess around, at least he'll have to worry about rezzes. If I can actually manage to drag it out. I need to take the midground now, once he gets past the half line I'll be toast.

Moves 30-34

This set of pictures are really huge because I took them on an iPad. And because I died. Oh weeeelllllllllllllllllllll :(

I got too smart by half. When the wizard started moving DOWN, I was like ohcrap. ohcrap. CRAAAAP =TT=

Lesson learnt. I made a mistake earlier, I should have used the necro to kill the cleric, so that the phantom would be ON the gem tile. My mistake allowed the ninja to take the tile and assist his inferno, and now the wizard. Oh the wizard.

My wraith goes to take out the wizard with nom, and sits infront of the OTHER wizard. It's probably a done deal now, but if I can just delay that wizard....

I forgot to take screenshots again, but basically, the cleric ducks out and kills the bottom crystal. I kill the cleric, and FORGET HE HAS A POT. He then rezzes and kills the other crystal.

Ah well. I wasn't going to survive that anyway.

So good game Jay, hope you go far in the tournament!


  1. Hey Tabby!

    This is tremendous, and I hope it spawns some strategy/tactics discussion either or in the forums. Are you interested in doing a post-mortem, or would you just as soon be done with it now?


  2. Sure, comment here or in the thread if you like! :)

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