Monday, April 9, 2012

Cutting Corners: Not stomping

Hi everyone! I'm back from my vacation - you have no idea what hell is like until you go on holiday to a country without good 3G coverage. >.>

So anyway - cutting corners. I've heard in Starcraft that the way the game is played at high levels is "who can cut the most corners and still win". If you can get by with making one less Zealot, that's more resources you save, and so on.

Well, it's true in pretty much every game that you have to be as efficient as possible, and HA is no exception! So here's a mini-series on how to cut corners and take names in HA!

NOT STOMPING. That's.. that really crazy and out there. WHAT? Not stomp? And have them undo all the sweat your poured into killing that dang gunner?

Yes. Not stomping. Stomping is ingrained into every newbie to HA every time they forget, and a cleric waltzes in (or even just stands there, in the case of particularly forgetful newbies). So almost everyone learns to stomp stomp stomp. But stomping isn't really all that!

1. Dwarves.
This has always been a problem for the dwarves, so exploit that! Dwarves have no item that rezzes. So if there are no Paladins on the field, and the downed unit is more than 2 tiles away from the spawn, feel free not to stomp! (1AP to place the Paladin even if he has one in his hand, 2AP to move, 1AP rez, 1AP heal... and your killing unit is probably still in range, so go ahead and do him in again, stomp this time, and get ready to threaten a Paladin kill!)

2. Make the Cleric walk
The CL Cleric only has 2 move and 2 range, so if he needs to walk 4 tiles, that's 2 AP. Rez, 1AP, heal, 2AP. You just wasted all his AP moving his cleric! And you're probably in range to kill his unit again.

So, your opponent is as smart as you are, and doesn't take the bait (or doesn't have a cleric in range, or doesn't have a paladin in hand). You just saved 1 AP! And that's cutting corners. But contrariwise, cutting corners can sometimes backfire bigtime (oops, he had a pot, oops his Ninja is up again, oops, he teleported and healed up, DAMN). So if it's really important, and you don't wanna guess or you just wanna play it save, sure, go ahead and stomp. That's where skill comes in, knowing when you need to stomp and when you don't. But always think about it and keep that option in mind!

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