Sunday, April 1, 2012

One hit is better than two

Just a quick tip - think about why your attacking someone. Remember that 1 heal can heal 2 hits (approximately), so don't waste 5 ap wailing away if your opponent only needs to spend 2ap fixing up the damage - CL is especially good at this.

Think instead about damage as a set up - 1 hit now, so that you can threaten a killstomp the next turn. 1 hit from a vm to burst bunched up bubbles, potentially wasting 3 of your opponents earlier ap. 1 hit from a priestess to debuff and waste a beer, to set up for a kill next turn. Then use the rest of your ap to move into position to support your threat to killstomp.

The magic numbers are usually 1 and 3 hits - 2 hits is usually worth 1 heal, and 4 hits are usually worth 2 heals.

Corollary: clerics need to spend ap to move, too! So don't just count the heals - count the moves to get to the heals!

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