Friday, April 27, 2012

Puzzle Time No. 2!

Hi everyone! It's time for more filler puzzles! The objective is to kill the wizard who's threatening to zap all your lovely crystals with 2 gem tiles active! Oh noes!

Ready? Remember, the wizard has 800HP, and 10% magic resist! Got your answer? Scroll down for mine!

2 Crystal attacks at 300 physical damage each, and 1 VM paaanch for 200 for the knockout! Remember, that 10% magic resist means that in 4AP, the priestess can only do 200*4*0.9 (or 180+180+180+180) which is LESS THAN 800! But why the shenanigans with the VM, you ask? Surely a priestess can move to "A" +180+180 for the kill (as helpfully shown in the diagram below)

For the purposes of the puzzle parameters, yes, yes you could. But then the cleric behind would move to the helm tile, raise, and wiz would have 3 zaps across the 2 double gem tile crystals!

Very very bad. Ouchy bad. And I don't mean my attempted drawing of a priestess. -_-

There's also a second solution involving the priestess that avoids this issue - can you find it? I still think it's not optimal since you don't get to develop the VM, but I'll mention it so that I don't get howls of outrage in the comments box. XD

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