Monday, April 16, 2012

Puzzle time No.1!

Ok, I'm tired of working to put up those posts - here's a chance for you to have some fun and solve a puzzle! (answertopuzzlemaynotbeavailableinallstatesallrightsreservedofferinvalidwhereprohibited)

This is the scenario on the board. Your opponent only has 2 pots left in hand. What is the best move?

Scroll down to see what I did!

The VM takes 3 hits to kill (he's at 1050HP, but the answer remains the same at 1010HP, which is what you get with 1 pot and 2 items), so my opponent can only kill with ninja in 3 hits. I have a soulbomb, so if he doesn't stomp, I can revive and kill ninja next turn. If he killstomps and pots the ninja, he will not have any more clerics (which I think is his best option at this point). If he pots a cleric, my imp can hunt his ninja down  the next turn.

What do you think? :D


  1. I would have done exactly the same thing (honest!)

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