Sunday, May 13, 2012

Draggy impalers

A quick followup to the previous post! Now that you are aware (I hope!) that there are multiple routes to get somewhere, there is one unique thing to impalers which should be noted. They drag the enemy around! =D Ok yeah you knew that too. But you should also consider what that means - take a look at this situation. I have a scroll in hand, and so can kill and stomp the fully equipped grenadier standing on the attack tile. There are two ways for me to do so, marked as route A and route B in the pictures below.

Which route is better, though? Let's consider route B.
Notice that the impaler ends up standing in FRONT of the attack tile. This means that the engineer can move to the attack tile, attack 3 times and stomp (thanks to the inherent ability of the dwarves, the engineer gets a boost of 120 damage instead of just 100 damage, and thus can just barely kill a 960HP impaler in 3 hits. Plus, paladin aura).

If you take route A, though, attacking at an angle means that your imp DOESN'T drag the dead grenadier, and thus does not leave the imp open to counter attack! In the actual game, I chose route A, of course... but my opponent had a drill and finished me off that way. Ah well!

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