Friday, May 11, 2012

Spaaaaace and movement

In Hero Academy, units don't block enemy units - you can move right through. People tend to complain that this means that you can't block enemy units from walking though, that you can never really defend.

That's kiiinda true, you can't stop someone from walking through, but you can make it slower for them and in Hero Academy, slowing someone by 1 AP means alllllll the difference.

Take a look at this board position. If you've read my previous post on looking at tiles, you'll immediately notice that the marked squares are the range of the priestess at 2 AP. But what's so special about the blue square?

As I have oh so cleverly foreshadowed in the first bit above, there is a way to slow the priestess from getting to the blue square! Take a look at the diagram below, and in particular look at the different ways (marked in green) the priestess can get to each of the red squares. But notice how there is only ONE route to the blue square, and the priestess must first land on the orange square marked with an "A".

Notice that if the orange square was occupied, either by your own unit or by your opponents unit, the priestess needs to spend 3 AP getting to the blue square, as opposed to the 2 AP that it would normally take.

Normally this wouldn't matter, but in edge cases, this is good to know. Not all 2 AP distances are the same! The up, down, left and right distances are the easiest to delay, with only 1 possible route, whereas if there are both up/down and left/right directions, there will be at least 2 different routes.

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