Sunday, June 10, 2012

Face-full of buckshot - Gunner splash

This is as much for me as for you - now I'm sure you know about the VM T-splash, and the wizard's chain lighting, and so on. But the gunner has always been a strange beast to me, and I'm always having trouble "seeing" where gunners would like to go to town with the splash. These sorts of things work best visually, and I'm a visual sort of person, so here goes:

 This is the splash area when you target the square with the crossed circle in it.
 and this is the splash area where you aim diagonally.
I'm sure you guys can figure these pictures out. =) Remember, gunners cannot splash through units, so they can hit only a maximum of 3 units. They also MUST target a unit 2 squares away to get splash, however, when they do, the splash goes 3(!) squares away, so the gunner is really a 2.5 range unit (interesting insight credited to Ragnarok). Commit these patterns to memory, and you won't get splambushed again!

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  1. Hi tabby, can u make analysis on how chieftan whirlwind everyone in. Also on how wizards chain attack and shaman chain heals direction. Thank you. Btw, love this blog.