Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Puzzle No. 3: The Impala

Er, I mean, the impaler. So anyway.

Here's a situation which came up in a game recently, and I was dum enough not to have taken a screenshot while I was playing. So I had to recreate the situation, but my test account doesn't have DE because I'm CHEAP. So let's pretend.

Right then. Wraith dearest has less than 1350 HP (read: can be KOed by a scrolled Impala in one hit) and is fully fed, and so deals 600 damage per hit. The imp has 1050HP (read: can be KOed by the wraith in 3 hits + 1 soulbomb). Your opponent MAY have a soulbomb, but no priestesses. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Ok, so here's what I did.

I basically bet that my opponent didn't have a soulbomb. If he did, though, bomb + whack + whack + whack + nom and.. I'm in a very very sorry situation. What was the better solution, though?

After an hour or so of praying for no soulbombs, I realised I screwed up and could have avoided all that by following my own advice and THINKING about how imps function. Why let the wraith bash on you once he's up and running again? You have range, use it! So now, we've got bomb + MOVE + whack + whack + whack. Now my imp is KOed, but see that soulbomb there? That means I get to rez and OFF THAT GUY. Whew.

As it turns out in the game, he didn't have a soulbomb in hand (although he did have one in his deck) and so I scraped another win. Go me, but I should probably stop gambling and start thinking about where I park my Impala (yeah you knew this was coming).


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say that your posts are awesome. I've had very similar scenarios pop up while working on the game. The Impaler's pull is one of those mechanics that really illustrates some of the nuance resulting from our choice of a square grid instead of, say, hexes. In both cases, you're firing at range 2, but with a big difference in end result.

    Hope you enjoy the new team. :)


  2. OMG did I just get a comment by Marcin, Lead designer of HA? =O I'm never washing my hands again!! =D

    But seriously, I actually kinda like the decision to go with squares instead of hexes. It's nice to be able to kinda control whether you pull or not with the impaler, and it makes the cardinal positions easier to eyeball (i.e. how many tiles up or forward something is), unlike say, Outwitters.

    Also, it's nostalgic and traditional, and I love it. =D