Friday, July 27, 2012

Splash My Void Monks

Alright, I've noticed some people coming here through a search on how void monk splash actually works. And, to my great embarrassment, I don't have any post on that! Even though I have a post on that hairy gunner (dashing monocle regardless)!


Well, I'm about to remedy that!

Ok, this is the basic T shaped splash that you may have heard about when people talk about void monk splash. It's easy to see why! Really quite straightforward.

The numbers for the splash, both with and without a sword. Ne that the splash is exactly 2/3 of the initial damage! The initial damage doesn't affect the splash damage, however.


Right, so that's it for void monk splash! But before I leave you, here's a little bonus. :)

You ever get that feeling? Where you just want to pop a scroll and dragon smash 4 hapless Council units to the nearest constellation? And when you pop that beastly combo off and when the dust settles, you get 1 KOed unit and 3 other sniggering units? Yeah. That sucks.

This is what you shoulda done. Pop one off in his face first, and then scroll up with that combo. Watch those dazed faces with Xes on them. You're welcome.




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