Monday, November 19, 2012

Run stumpy run

So, you know those new speed boost tiles on the Shaolin map?


Yeah, they say they add 2 to the range of the unit standing on them. They lie. Dwarves get THREE bonus range. What does that mean?

Check that range.
What this means is, never, EVER, leave that sword tile open against dwarves. Never. Ever.


This post has been brought to you by the People Against Ethical Treatment Of Runts.




Cy(stal) More!

He ain't heavy, he's my crystal killer!


Ok, now that the crappy puns are out of the way, I wanted to do a lightweight post about crystal killing as TF2, my other favorite race. Most people think that the demo is the best crystal killer, and that's kinda true, but under certain circumstances, the heavy's ability to hit two crystals at once for full gem tile damage really helps. What does that really mean?


So you see here, the demo is hitting both crystals at once. Great! But what's that, he's only doing 250 damage per crystal? What's that about? Isn't he supposed to do 100+300 damage? You see, the thing is, the demo does 50% splash damage, and that 50% applies to the bonus gem damage as well. So, what you're doing is really (200/2)+(300/2), which coincidentally is 250 damage, as in the screenshot.

What does this have to do with the heavy? Glad you asked!

Check out that hunka burning crystal! What's happening here is that the heavy does full damage on splash, which means that the bonus damage isn't reduced by 50%, unlike the demo! So you're really doing 100+300 per shot, and this only goes up by 50 per chained shot.

These are the spots the heavy can do all that damage from, with the help of a friendly (?!) knight. By the way, I missed a spot - can you find it?

If your opponent is crap enough to let you stand in one spot and wail on that crystal, you can actually take off more than half the total gem life in just 5 AP - I'd like to see the demo match that!


You can also do the same thing on the tribe map - even better, given that you have 2 gem tiles to play with! Remember that the scout can reach the gem tile on your side in just 1 AP from the spawn tile, and that he spawns for free!


If your opponent doesn't catch on, you can just about take out 2 crystals, and the thing is, it's actually not all that uncommon to find a unit in that exact spot. Before they buffed the health of the crystals, you could even take out the 2 crystals entirely in one turn! That was a buff sorely needed.


So! Don't overlook the heavy when crystal killing, and enjoy the new Shaolin team!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Angry Dwarves. Or dwarf.

Hey, Heroes need day jobs too.

Anyway, I'm kinda running out of ideas about what to post. I've got another idea for a post about spacing and whether to stand on the dark or light squares, but I'm not sure if I even make sense. =p So if you've got a burning question or an idea for a topic, let me know and maybe I'll do a post about it, if it catches my fancy. =)