Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Combo buddies - bffs

So, new day, new team, new gimmicks. :) you've heard of the Shaolin by now, I hope, and the combo system. In short, each new Shaolin attacker gets bonus damage when attacking the same unit within the same turn. Combos. Big flashy numbers on the screen, you know you want them shiny numbers.

Unsurprisingly, the best unit to start a combo with is the one that has 3 range and debuffs resistance. The poisoner.

Lookkit all that sweet, sweet range. The other units, though, are a lot more piddling on range. Still, you need at least one other unit if you want a combo, so you need to move another unit in range. Like the windblade.

See right there? That's combo goodness coming up. So, keeping in mind that the windblade has 2 range and 2 move, here's where you want to end up (the green targets) and where the windblade can be standing the turn before if you want a combo next turn (the shaded green tiles).

Nice. Now (and this ties in with my previous post about the white and black tiles), notice that the windblade likes to stand on the black tiles, when the poisoner stands on the white tiles (and by inference, the target is on a black tile). This means that the poisoner and the windblade are far less likely to be fighting over turf. For example, the poisoner and the windblade can "leapfrog" over one another to get in range, much like in this example, or the windblade can be standing in front of the poisoner to shield the squishy poisoner. Paris Poisoner and Wendy Windblade - bffs.

When taking about meat shields, you immediately think of the monk. However, the monk has 2 move, but only 1 range. What does that mean? That means the monk has to be a lot nearer to the enemy than the windblade to start with, and only has 3-4 possible attack angles. Bt the worst bit is, if you want to make full use of the monk's stumpy range, the monk has to be on the white tile, same as the poisoner! You'll come across this quite often if you play SL regularly - either your poisoner can get into position but your monk can't, or your monk is in position but your poisoner gets blocked. And this is why. So Paris poisoner says to Micole Monk - TTYN. Ok not really because SL needs every last resource it can get, butt you know what I mean.

The shadow. Ah. I ran out of green so I used grass clippings instead. Range 3 move, range 3 attack, range 3 stomp, and a big buff body means that he should be poisoners bestest friend ever, except for just one tiny thing - he does PIDDLING damage. Even with the combo and poisoner debuff, he only does 320 damage. What? Ugh. He hits as hard as a Phantom. Dude gets made fun off at the super unit parties all the time, even level 0 Wraith picks on this guy at the buffet. Anyway, super easy to get combos with him, but even getting combos don't mean much. Still, poisoner packs a hefty punch by herself - just save the last hit for shadow dearest to get the combo so he doesn't feel left out.

Ok ok I'm being mean, it's a valid tactic to do move, poisoner attack poisoner attack, shadow attack (800 units die here) and shadow rez. But generally, unless you get him in front first to get tanky, you're going to have to do a lot of work.

Right, so you may have noticed in the pictures above, the target cleric didn't actually bite it. Which is why combos kinda suck right now. In order to get the 2 hit combo kill, you need to sword the poisoner. Which you should do anyway, because who else are you going to sword, the shadow (haw haw haw). I personally find naked sworded poisoners useful generally, as throwaway assassins combined with dragon, against those dangerous +3 units. Even better if you can stomp with bamboo and somehow save the poisoner, but rot now..... Meh.




Just grab your combo buddy / and say these magic words: / "f*** you combos! / you don't do jack for me / i cant get no combos / 'cause it's just too hard!"



  1. Heresy for most teams, but I've become a fan of putting a sword on one of my SL healers since you don't really need them all and it helps with one of the team's most glaring weaknesses.


  2. I do this sometimes, too! Since you'll probably want to kit out at least 1 monk and the shadow with a helm and shield each, you'll have 2 naked swords left - swording the taoist is as good an option as any, at least the taoist is out of harm's way most of the time.

    I sometimes sword bare windblades - gives me the option to do the standard 3 hit 900 damage kill with just 1 unit, and doing middling splash damage. Having this option (and perhaps drawing out a trade or a scroll or some other consumable) seems to work well for me, for what the sword brings to the table.

    A thought, maybe I should consider swording the +2 monk as well? Hmmm.

  3. Swording the windblade is a good idea, lately I've just been using them for stomping and cannon fodder (especially now that bamboo is relegated to the endgame). I definitely wouldn't give a sword to the monk though, they just don't have much offensive utility and it's probably better saved for a stolen unit or poisoner.

    BTW- huge thanks to tabby_nat for this blog and all the thoughtful posts on the RE site, beyond awesome