Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh My Damage Calculator! A Hero Academy Damage Calculator

I've been busy recently! I used to study programming, when I thought I wanted to be a computer engineer, but I took a degree in something less outsourceable in the end. I always wonder if I'd be happier as a programmer, though, and so I decided to flex those long atrophied programming chops and do up.. *drumroll*

A Hero Academy Damage Calculator!

It's fairly basic as apps go, no fancy nothing, but I'm happy just knowing that I did it. =) Remember, you can add this link as a link on your homepage, and nestle it next to your Hero Academy icon! Let me know if you like it, or if you find any bugs - leave a comment! I'll (try to) fix it!

NOTE: Please check the version number at the bottom of the calculator with the version list below - if you don't have the latest version, you may have to clear the cached website on your phone or computer. On iPhones, go to Settings / Safari / Advanced / Website Data, and delete the stuff under tabbynat.github.com.


Ver v1.4.2.4 - 21 / 12 / 2013
Fixed damage modifier for archers and grenadiers

Ver v1.4.2.3 - 24 / 2 / 2013
Fixed Shaolin converted units dragon scale physical resistance.

Ver v1.4.2.2 - 15 / 2 / 2013
Gunner ranged damage fixed
Multiple paladin aura damage bonus is now multiplicative instead of additive.

Ver v1.4.2.1 - 9 / 2 / 2013

Updated version numbering convention to match HA patch numbering
Updates to match HA balancing v1.4.2 patch changes.
Added Grenadier Melee attack

There's a strange intermittent bug with the max hp display. Please consider just hitting the refresh button when changing target teams etc.

Ver b0.6.1 - 5 / 1 / 2013

Implementing bugfix log

Fixed Annihilator damage type

Fixed Heavy melee damage bonus

Fixed display bug for max HP

Added support for Shaolin Shadow converted units


  1. This is a really useful tool, thank you for making it public! I've been using it for a few days now, and the only bug I've noticed is that it appears to calculate annihilator damage as physical.

  2. Wow, that's a catch. =p I've fixed it! And I've added a version list so that y'all can keep up with the changes.

  3. lovely tool thanks ! small suggestion. Can you add a defender "crystal" option and we can just add in our own HP value.

  4. The thing about crystals is that they act differently, especially with the crystal assault tiles. There's fiddly bits all around, whether you have 1 or 2 tiles, if the tiles are occupied by engineers, the pro-ration when calculating splash... It wouldn't work to just have "crystal" be a defender option. I'm thinking of creating a separate app just for crystal splash, but we'll see...

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  6. This calculator thinks that you can only have one medic link at a time (for Team Fortress). Wrong. I've played team fortress many times and I often have two medics linking to one unit. This calculator fails to encapsulate that scenario.

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