Thursday, January 31, 2013

Game Replay: tabby_nat (DE) v edotensei (TR)

Hi all! Thus far, in all my replays, I haven't done TR yet, and that's because quite honestly, I don't exactly have a strategy against TR - the wave is just too crazy to constantly guard against, and trying to test all combinations of axe and warrior really gives me a headache!

DE tends to have an advantage against TR, in the sense that DE never needs to worry about spiked shield resulting in weakened attackers and getting counter-attacked against weakened units. That said, DE doesn't exactly have "explosive" AOE attacks in the first place, and axe throwers are just crazy good against the high HP DE units.

So, my TR games tend to involve me turtling HARD behind crystals and whatever else that will stop me from sliding over to the TR side, staying extra out of range, littering the board with phantoms, and hoping that I can force enough trades so that I get into the late game with both sides low on "stuff", and I can stop worrying about waves and meats so much. Because of this (and axes), I tend to focus more on the necro and the imp. VMs are only good if I can somehow catch 2 or more of the shamans together, and strike a decisive blow against TR's healers, but this doesn't happen often.

Thankfully for you, I've managed to get a showmatch against edotensei, who appears to be reasonably competent with TR. =p So here goes!

Move 1
3 imp opening hand. I'm loving this game already!

Move 2
Edo has a good start with a chief and a shaman out already. No cheap kills for me this game, it seems. At least I have the imps out so that I can conceivably trade for the chief if he decides to come in early.

Edo: So im delighted to play vs Tabby and his Dark elves. Dark elves seem to have a slight advantage vs tribe due to negation of the tribe shield and just the ability to do well in the endgame coupled with the fact that when i ko multiple targets it helps the wraith with ready made meal to become a god unit. my advantage lies in being unpredictable with the wave and trying to get some free kills. 
My 2 losses in my league games came on this map so im not to delighted about it. here tabby opens very aggressively with both imps challenging my sword square and looking to take advantage of any opening mistake, i proceed cautiously. 

Move 3
I gotta keep turning those cards, so I throw out the last imp, and put some equipment on the tucked away imp. She's my insurance policy - stuck behind the crystal like that, I can be sure that even with the wave, she won't get swept out, while I guarantee the ability to trade for any TR unit that comes in, forcing Edo to give me space to churn more cards.

Move 4
Edo gets a nice assortment of stuff out. The witch on the sword tile means that I need to stay a bit further back - quite a big no man's land there - and I also need to worry about a wave + meated corpse explosion. Not so much of a worry nowadays, given the nerfing of corpse explosion, but still. The big green meathead warrior in front prevents me from getting some cheap drag kills, too. =/ No way for me to attack any time soon...

Edo: Tabby deploys with even more aggression. A sworded imp can kill all my units in 2 AP except the chief which is 3AP. Tabbys plan here is to gradually exchange pieces advantageously and take it to the end game where hes units will have supreme advantage. Right now i have no wave and no axeman which is the ideal unit to combat DE so i have to just contain hes assault for now and look for opportunities for a counter attack.

Move 5
Finally, I get a necro! Something to spend my equipment on! As always, I tuck my stuff discreetly away, and calculate and re-calculate whether I can get waved into a chief trap, or within rage of axe and warrior, or some menace of that sort.

Move 6
Edo does some setting up of his own. I don't see any swords, so there's not much worth trading for at the moment. 2 Shamans on the field, so it's unlikely I can manage to kill both in one turn and try to exploit a lack of shamans to not stomp (and therefore prevent any raging).

Edo: No sword , no axeman ...i have to remain patient.At least now its evident that hes main plan isnt the god-mode VM. My main plan is to get control of the crystal boost square .but on this map its very hard as it is directly in the fire of the sword square with a range 3 unit. I usually give shields to warriors, chief perhaps a witch but i decide to give the shaman and chief here and plan to give a sword and shield to an axe in the future for the VM's and shield to the shaman. So right now theres really no glaring weakness on both down 1 ap which is neglible,we are both equal in development but i have an advanced unit the warrior controlling the D5 square coupled with my witch. Tabbys ideal move would be to advance his imp away from the sword square to B4 and necro to B3 respectively. regardless of how he spends his other AP i dont have the required prerequisites to mount an attack. 

Move 7
I get a priestess! WHEW! It was nerve wracking, not having a healer on the board. Anyway, I move my sworded necro down to threaten his warrior, now that I have a vanilla necro on the sword tile, and continue to bring out more units. The necro/imp combination is particularly useful, as it extends the useful range of necros - one of the most useful tools against TR. Sworded necros (or necros on the sword tile) 3 shot warriors, which would otherwise take 4 hits with an imp, and more importantly, give you phantoms to block with. Causing TR to spend their rage on a phantom, or blocking a chief charge - priceless. Still, I'm turtling hard here, as neither of us are able to press an attack profitably.

Move 8
Edo waves me backwards here. This has the effect of forcing me to move my necro back on the sword tile, and causes my sworded necro to block the deploy tile again. Ugh, a waste of AP for me. And Edo has an axe out now, so I need to be super careful with my high value targets (sworded imp and necro). Still, I wonder if using a wave like that is worth it..

Edo: Spoke too soon, Tabby send his necro to challenge me for the D5 square, and puts an assistant necro on the sword tile in addition to the naked imp contolling the B5 square. Still no swords and just 1 axe and shield. I like to put shield on the 2nd wave of units versus Dark elves as when my opponent counters with injured units that have been kO'ed and rezzed they dont get free self heal. having no sword on my chief really hinders my counter attacks. Tabby is threatening the necro/imp pull combo. Move, attack , attack with necro twice and put a phantom there. 240+300+300=840. with a shield i stop this, as he would need 1 more AP to stomp so ill only be Ko but then that means Tabby has the initiative. i can rez and exchange pieces but considering that im still to get my 2nd wave of grunts ill be at a huge disadvantage. Also developing my axe man to fight for the B5 square will be bad right now for the same reason losing the warrior will be bad. i therefore go for control of the crystal boost tile from C7. Give axeman a shield what the heck i need to turn cards and it also coincides with my early plan of giving the axe the 3rd sword. Then i waved his units back, this is a huge investment and a gamble as the wave is the tribes most important asset but i need to buy time and AP or the game might end quick against me. Its important not to get married to items or units for no reason at all. 

Move 9
My hand now is full of items and scrolls and stuff. I need to clear this stuff, and so I have to create situations where I can maximise the value I get from the soul bombs and scrolls. There aren't any swords on the board for Edo, so it's unlikely that I'll get good value by using the scrolls now, so I try to create a situation where Edo will want to avoid stomping. I have to start a fight!

Move 10
Edo chooses to stomp with the warrior instead of exploding the corpse. I'll take it, but why bother rezzing the warrior at all? Sure, I have to spend 2 AP, but the CE would have forced me to spend 1 AP healing too, and now I get a free phantom... or something else ;) That extra AP spent rezzing could be used somewhere else, too.

Edo: Tabby decides to take the initiative, which is the best move for him.If he allows me to set up completely, a counter-attack wll be brutal. Notice how Tabby is fighting for the D5 square because from there he can launch an attack to any side of the board cramping my position. I need to create a diversion or threaten an attack on the other side of the board. Also the psychological aspect of the game is live in this game. Normal moves are expected so sometimes making an unexpected move might throw your opponent off inducing a mistake. Here instead of stomping with the witch i decide to do so with the warrior. With the witch stomp the backward imp comes out with tempo gaining AP or tabby planting a phantom in my path and im left defending a tough position while with with the warrior he has to deal with it and he will still be at range away from my exposed witch. Tabbys move is forced giving me time to set up a proper defense.

Move 11
Om nom nom. =D Nobody remembers that wraiths can be deployed just like normal units, for some reason... I actually don't like using wraiths as remote stomps in the TR match, because rage makes it so difficult to stay safe. If you're using the wraith to stomp, that means you're killing with imp or VM, which means you're up close and personal. Which means you need to deal with rage. I would rather retreat and force a meat - chain rezzing is great and all, but the healing at the end of the chain is quite pathetic, which forces a meat. The plan, as always, is to end with a low econ game and make the TR spend stuff!

Move 12
Oh boy, Edo is really spending that stuff. I don't agree with spending meat like that, just for a naked wraith? I don't mind, though - according to plan, so far!

Edo: i must admit i didnt pay too much attention to the wraith coming out to feed. i just knew the necro would have to retreat to behind the crystal. the witch + rage is 300 * 1.75(meat) = 525 damage then add that to 300 base = 825 damage the remove 10% def of the wraith 825-82 = 743 dam. so i use all 5 AP to ko/stomp the wraith,my plan on getting time to set up was interrupted. I hope i get meat in my draw or else if he takes the witch next turn i may be forced to use the wave to take the sword necro. Watch that im not concentrating on what i want to do as i have to react to tabby. Ill make sure he pays for this !!!

Move 13
I take out the witch, pulling her away from the shaman. Shaman has to come forward to rez, so that's 2 AP, and if he wants to take the imp he'll have to meat. He cannot take my imp with axe, as necro at E2 is covering. =) He cannot wave to take the imp, as the witch is blocking movement for the imp. I'm getting my fight, but I still need to spend my stuff!

Move 14
Edo rezzes, but takes the 3 AP and deploys another axe. All the axes are making me nervous - the imp and necro in the corner are relatively well protected, but D3 is a dangerous spot that I will need to cover to avoid an axe dive. Finally he swords the chief - I've got my target now! If only it were a bit squishier... >.>

Edo: during last turn i made my move and crossed my finger hoping for a meat. i got a 2nd sword and i felt a kick in my stomach. If tabby now KO/stomps my witch with the sword necro from D3 and phantoms i cant stomp him as i have no fire power. He gains a free unit with no compensation for me. ill be over run on that flank. I hope that our experience playing together in the past (he knows i wont hesitate to meat and take a sword unit) would bluff him into making an alternate move and he did. If it were a lesser non thinking player i might have been in very bad shape after that. This is the turning point / break in this game and my move will be crucial. Tabby has initiative, he has fire powered units waiting to be unleashed and im yet to even get a solid counter.Taking the imp with the axe thrower is falling into tabbys plans as he would just take it with the necro and theres no way to counter. A sacrifice to get some space and tempo is warranted. i wish i had a warrior to send into tabbys face but here i think ill make do with a squishy witch. I need to get units out. I also  welcome tabby going for the axe thrower with shield, even tho ill be losing in the exchange long term but now i have more units and i need AP. if he spends 5AP to KO stomp and i use 3Ap to Ko stomp i gain 2 AP and i also get initiiative and some space. ill take the trade.

Move 15
I decide to get a free phantom, cover the D3 tile with the imp, and spend a soul harvest. It's honestly not all that well spent, as although I get quite a bit of HP from that (I don't recall how much), I'm not going for a monster VM strategy. Also, that HP buff on vanilla doesn't help stop 3 hit kills from Axes - I'm going to need at least 400+400+200 = >1000 HP for a unit to be a 4 hit kill from an Axe. That means 2 pieces of equipment, and if Axe is raged, then 500+400+200 = >1100, which is a really tall order. I'm not even going to talk about sworded Axes, those guys are killer! My high value units are still hiding in the corner, waiting for all this to blow over.

Move 16
Edo spends his rage on my crystal. I honestly don't understand this, but hey! Go you! =D Still, given enough time axes can really do a number on a crystal, with all that extra +200 damage, so I have to think about how to spend that 5AP that Edo's given me to protect the crystal and stay safe.

Edo: Tabby deploys the assistant necro away from his sword tile and to protect his high value target units from my potential counter attack from my chief. This position is very interesting and one would not understand the subtlety of tabbys move unless they have experienced a chieftian with sword +rage and meat on the sword tile. If your enemy is going to use your sword square the solution is to not be around your sword square. But this opens up the most important crystal(the crystal by the sword) to attacks. Before i go for crystal kill i like to make sure i have 2 out of 3 criterias. Either unit advantage (preferably 2) , Board control (or crystal boost square) or decisive unit deployment. here i dont have unit advantage neither do i have total board control and i dont have decisive deployment so if i dive for crystal kill ill most likely lose to tabby's counter. Also just because i have rage doesnt mean i have to try and kill something. I decide to just threaten a crystal kill and bait tabby to spread and defend the crystal and come into the line of fire of my sword chief. i move the shielded axeman from C7 to A5 hit crystal 2x for 900 and retreat to A6. I had other options but this achieves my aim. 

Move 17
The crystal is not in immediate danger, and can probably take a few more hits, but I need to make a double threat to force Edo to back off. Edo has a few ways to attack my group here - the chief can charge the imp, move to B2 and spin twice or meat and then spin, but I'm fine with taking all that damage if I can kill him with the sworded necro. He can also killstomp my imp, but then I'll phantom his axe, and I'm fine with that too. If he just takes 3 more shots at my crystal, I can imp kill his Axe, not stomp, and leave him to move his units forward so I get my fight.

Move 18
He decides to take the imp. I'm ok with that, I'll take the axe next turn.

Edo: So now my opponent answers by swarming his units over to protect the crystal. This was what i wanted. I have a little breathing space now, hes units are directly in line of my sword chief although the necro in front is fodder. Hes sword imp is all the way in the corner doing nothing. I need to apply pressure so the imp doesnt get back into the game also we havent seen the VM yet we would like to keep it that way. Notice how my shaman with shield is 2 AP from the crystal boost tile. The shaman has 10% magic defense so it takes a 200 magic unit a whooping 5AP to ko and a 300 magic damage unit 4 AP to Ko a shaman with shield as it passes over the 810 HP threshold. i need to take advantage of this opportunity so the imp has to go as that is more of a threat to my future square holding shaman . Also i like to build on advantages that i have already acquired and here tabby is down 1 imp so taking out the 2nd one is ideal. I cant just develop units as my opponent seizes the initiative again. i decide to stomp the imp and get rage. if he doesnt stomp ill set up a 3AP rez, advance and and go from there gaining tempo. To counter he needs to expose the necros, whichever way i must take out those units if i can get splash damage on the crystal its even better.

Move 19
I take the axe and deploy a priestess. Still have a hand full of items and nothing to spend it on... It's all a matter of staying safe! As long as my sworded necro doesn't get taken out by a low value unit, my sworded imp will make the trade.

Move 20
Edo deploys another witch and swords the imp. My sworded necro now has 1000HP, so I'm trying to see where I can get another safe kill.. with no more imps to make the pull-kills, my necro is going to have to do it the hard way. Unfortunately, my VMs are still buried, and I can't just splash the whole lot!

Edo: As expected , tabby phantoms the axeman and deploys a priestess...I thought long and hard about how to maximize the rage but tabby has prepared well for it. Right now i can wave his units in and snipe the sword necro with my axe man + meat but then tabby counters on my chief with his assistant necro and because i have 1000k HP he KO/stomps me with scroll. if i had 2 meats with me i could have gone after the imp in the corner ko/ stomping that too as a counter but the meat is deep in my deck and i cant rely on bluffing tabby twice.I decide to turn cards and get out more units giving the axeman on the deploy tile a sword and shield in preparation for the VM's.Also I challenge tabby for the crystal boost tile by bringing a witch to my sword tile and axe to C7. The threat of my whirlwind is stronger than its execution.

Tabby: Wow! I didn't see that double wave move at all! Ugh. TR is nasty!

Move 21
I decide to move forward and KO but not stomp the axe. If he rezzes, he spends the rage, if his chief charges and kill stomps the forward necro, I get a free chief. Win win! My main aim here is to defuse the rage.

Move 22
Edo rezzes with his 3rd shaman and spends a meat to kill the naked necro. So far, he's been spending his meats on not quite as valueable units, IMO, so I'm happy with that. =)

Edo Tabby tries to take advantage of the fact that im in rage and try and get a free kill in or an advantage exchange. Not to sure if this is the right move as it gives me a free tempo. I decide to deploy my 3rd shaman and rez/top off HP preserving the rage, meating up my axe man and 1 shot the fodder necro. Note that the meat adds 750 HP to my almost dead axeman. if i wanted to use the chief to ko necro i would be exposing him to been scrolled or worse yet killed for nothing. if tabby rezes he would need 4ap to ko axe. and if he wants to exchange his fodder necro for axe and meat he exposes himself even further. Bad thing is that im all bunched up, nothing i can if he soul bombs and gets tons of added base HP i cant afford to go to the end game !!! 

Move 23
Mission accomplished, meat spent, no sense in overextending. I simply heal up and reset the situation. I'll take the axe trade if Edo wants to give it, but I doubt he will.

Move 24
Edo flips more cards and seems to be going for my crystal again. I don't actually have a lot of valuable units on the board right now - note that even a sworded chief only does 300 damage, so in order to snipe my valuable units Edo needs to spend meat, and he only has 2 left to spend. The other way, of course, is to use a sworded Axe.

Edo: here i decide to remove the pesky phantom and improve my position by deploying the second chief. My axeman moves to control  the B5 square from A6 so that i can have `easy access to tabbys sword tile. we both equally control the crystal boost square but i can easily bring more units to bear on it,also with the middle of the board clear i can break tabbys position and ko some units but first i need to get his sword tile.

Move 25
I scroll up and take out Edo's sworded axe. I'm actually not sure about this move. Necro is pretty high HP by now, 1000HP I think - Edo needs a full 5AP to killstomp. Still, this removes his last source of burst damage - Edo must take out the sworded necro or I will have gotten away scott free, and when he stomps, his last Axe will be taken out as well. I still have all 3 VMs in my deck, so I feel comfortable even though he has 2 sworded chiefs - even sworded chiefs need 5full AP to take out a monster VM.

However, he still has warriors and waves, and warriors are reasonably good at taking out VMs. My other option then is to spend my last sword and equipment on the other necro - he's been around from the beginning, and also has high HP buffs. He would make a fine replacement for my sworded necro.

Move 26
Edo takes my sworded necro, as expected.

Edo: This move turns tabbys favourable position  to slight trading the axeman/sword/shield  for his +3 necro a vaccum its an equal trade but here its terrible for me. he has made sure in the endgame i wont have a unit that can harass his VM's. My  position is not entirely lost i just have to not make any mistake... i decide to just take the necro with the axeman so that i dont waste any more resources or give tabby tempo bringing his imp into the game. 

Move 27
As planned, I take out his last axe with my necro. Now to decide whether to have a monster VM, or another sworded necro...

Move 28
Edo goes in on the crystal tile, and starts with the crystal kill. Now, throughout the game you've been reading Edo's commentary talking about how he's looking for the crystal kill, but I honestly never really considered it. :p It's actually really really hard to crystal kill on this map! At this point, I'm considering if I can simply weather the storm and slowly take out his units as he goes for the CK.

Edo: With all these phantoms everywhere its beginning to look embarrassing. Tabby is playing extremely well and the phantoms show it.Theres no way Dark elves should be dropping phantoms every where with out getting whirlwind.I can only Ko the necro without using my limited resources. How can i turn my disadvantage to advantage ...clearly im not winning by tko so i have to try a crystal kill but i only have more development than tabby , no unit advantage and barely board control.I decide to make use of my sitting shaman ...he might as well work for the shield i gave him. This is tantamount to a crystal dive but if an opportunity presents itself to get some unit advantage ill take it. 

Move 29
As noted by Edo earlier, Shaman have inherent 10% magic resist.. which is REALLY annoying. There are 2 ways to deal with a crystal rush - take out the attacking unit, or take out the gem tile unit. I decide to take out the witch with the priestess, as Edo will have to spend AP to move into position to rez, and the priestess can protect the crystal.

Move 30
Edo moves into position for a rez, takes out the phantom for fun. :)

Edo: i chain link rez, since my witch is debuffed i use this opportunity to clear the 2 phantoms for my coming chiefs and hit the priestess for 200HP. 

Move 31
I take out the witch again (think there's a bug with not applying debuffs on the killing blow) and helm the necro. I've decided to go for the sworded necro, as a monster VM won't be as helpful when dealing with a crystal rush. Looking back at this move, I wonder why on earth I didn't move the silly phantom and sit the necro on the sword tile instead. >.>

Move 32
Edo closes in for the CK.

Edo: An opportunity has arrived...going for crystal kill without the requirements is a losing play. here i should look for opportunities to get some units but how ? If i ko the priestess, hes imp comes into the game and can stomp my shaman.if the phantom wasnt on the sword tile i culd always hop into it and whirlwind attack everything and get splash on crystal. so i decide to use my injured witch to clear the phantom and block any attacks coming to my shaman , also i advance the shielded chief. he would be better suited as a first wave attack here rather than the unshielded chief. 

Move 33
Sneaky move - I tap the shaman with the VM first, relying on the splash to deal some damage to the shaman. I then take out the shaman with the necro. I don't use the scroll, because I know that I still have to take out the chiefs, and they're pretty beefy...

Move 34
Edo retreats and heals up his shaman. I have some space now!

Edo: The shaman needs to be saved , he still has a lot of job to do. Now i have a lot of threats with the wave + chief  combo. Also i have gained position since a couple of turns ago. sometimes replenishing your HP is as good as having an extra unit.

Move 35
I phantom the witch (finally!) and position the imp so that if the chief comes in to take out the necro with a meat, I can trade without having to spend my scroll.

Move 36
Edo WAVES my necro off the sword tile before getting his chief in to clear shop with a meated spin. ARGH.

Edo: A very interesting position and one that needs to be maximized... My short term plan now it to remove the imp from the game. thats the main threat to my shielded shaman. I could go conservative and ko the necro/priestess/VM by sliding chief to front of crystal , wave, meat and attack and attack with 2nd chief/stomp. but i get no crystal splash damage. also the necro escapes. if i go for crystal attack i ko only necro and vm but do 1855 damage to crystal bringing it to 645 HP but the imp slides in stomps my chief, but then i dont have to worry much about that corner as my warrior can swoop in and 1 shot that crystal. Theres too many calculations to do...i just have to trust my instinct here. Note that i used my unshielded chief to attack..if i used the shielded chief, tabby can sacrifice the injured crystal and take out the unshielded chief in the back and diverting me from my goals. here if he kill/stomps the unshielded chief with priestess i still have board control and can move to the other crystal. Also if the imp ko/stomps unshielded chief.. i can get rage and stomp the imp gaining a better lead in development and Tempo as he has to kill the shielded chief while i go for the 2nd crystal.

Move 37
I have to spend the scroll on this. I think I'm safe...

Move 38
But I'm not. Edo moves his chief forward, waves so that the imp is exposed, meats, attacks and stomps. Sigh. This move...

Edo: And he brings out the sword imp and takes out the unshielded chief, but by doing this he is in my line of fire. I usually always like to save a typhoon for crystal kill in case my opponent body blocks crystal but the advantage i gain with the typhoon is too much to pass by i take his imp which was my short term goal and here KO'ing the priestesses is just a bonus. I think i have a handle in this game as long as i dont make any mistake. sometimes the person who loses is the one who makes the last mistake.

Move 39
Ok, in terms of resources, I'm not completely out of it - I still have a VM and necro in the deck, a full set of equipment, a soul bomb and a pot. But the important bit now is to get the chief out of my face, so that I can get my stuff out without too much trouble. I debuff the chief, thinking that he can't kill both priestess, and would be at a low enough HP that the other priestess could kill...

Move 40
I'm wrong. I forgot about the vacuum effect that allowed the chief to splash both priestesses. =(

Edo: pressing on for the unit advantage. My HP is within the Ko threshold so i dont have too much too worry about. 

Move 41
Ok, that last time, I calculated wrong, this time, I'm right. I just spent a soul bomb and a pot, my priestess is all fine-

Move 42
I hate this vacuum effect.

Edo: Anyway we are heading  into the endgame where i dont want to be VS Dark elves but i stay positive as i turn my attempt at a crystal kill into some unit advantage. Now its time to get even more by Ko'ing the priestesses for good !!! I heal chief for 400HP getting him to 1k HP then charge priestess on sword tile , attack , attack, attack with splash damage on the crystal.

Move 43
I have to change my plans - I can't afford to have a sworded necro now, as the chief can KO that in 4 hits, and without any way of rezzing, I can't survive. At least the monster VM will be able to survive 5 hits from the chief (VM got a bit of the last soul bomb). Edo doesn't have any more meats or waves either, so my VM is relatively safe...

Move 44
Edo prepares for the bottom crystal...

Edo: So here i take out the crystal, head over to D6 with my Chief to form somewhat of a protection then deploy a warrior. i thought long and hard about the square C6 which is actually the better position long term , as it protects whatever unit i want to place on the crystal boost tile. My opponent isnt the type to wait as he is pretty aggressive so ill rather stay patient here and just protect my advantage. 

Move 45
Desperately trying to splash more damage than can be healed, perhaps take out the chief....? I position here so that I can splash all the shamans next turn, but as it turns out, the shaman on the shield tile has just a tad too little HP to let me KO all 3 shamans.. =(

Move 46
Edo takes the gem tile with chief.

Edo: Too many calculations to go in to ...but i thought of attacking the VM by getting healed above 900HP so it will take 4AP to ko me then move to vm and attack for 720 bringing his life to 320 HP and if he kO stomps me then he will gain only 400HP from my chief and will be @ 720HP which will be in the 4AP ko range of the witch ...but tabby most likely wont fall for that trap. Here in the endgame the VM is god. I have to throw all my cards @ the crystal.

Move 47
I have to defend the gem tile, so necro goes on the sword tile. I have just enough to KO...

Move 48
Edo rezzes the chief and continues with the gem tile. >.>

Edo: Anyway Im commited to the crystal now ...if i rez chief ...attack crystal 4AP with witch..he might attack with necro and phantom and then move  his sword VM 2AP to block crystal and then deploy his naked VM. or ko chief and stomp with sword VM holding the crystal square and then deploy VM and block crystal. if i KO the necro along those lines that will help me as i may have just 2 blockers and sneak in a warrior !!! 

Move 49
Gotta start blocking the crystal!

Move 50
Shaman gets a few shots in...

Edo: ok he blocks with the necro and VM, i think this makes it easier as deploying the naked VM would have been the stronger move. I simply remove phantom and take the crystal boost square with the shielded shaman. advance my other shaman 2 AP and hit for 500. If VM ko's the unshielded shaman and stomps with the naked vm i can simply move shield shaman 2 AP and then take crystal boost square with witch and KO crystal . If VM takes the shield shaman i can simply slide to the other side with shaman and threaten with the 2 units after 4x hit . i think this move is better than other variations . 

Move 51
I'm forced to kill stomp the shaman - that's all the blockers I have, though.

Move 52
Shaman sneaks around to the back!

Edo: i send my other healer to the back of the crystal and hit for 1x. i just play it safe. He cant block all access as any stomp will leave a route open.

Move 53
I ko that shaman and move back - this way either the shaman or witch will have to take the long way around...

Move 54
Still, too little too late. =/

Edo: tabby ko's the unshielded shaman 5AP ...that leaves the shielded shaman to go to D2 with 2AP ..slide the witch to the crystal boost square and then 2x ko crystal .the shielded shaman played a very crucial role in this game. I must say this was a tough match up and credit to tabby for a great strategic game. This game could have gone either way. 

I think that was a great game! I totally think you should have gone for the double wave move to take out the necro - I didn't see that coming, and think that you should definitely have gone for that. At that point, trading a chief for a necro would have been fine, and you would have avoided losing the sworded axe, and would have been up on resources.

Anyway, good game, and I learnt quite a few new insights into the TR match! Hope you learnt something too! =)


  1. Oh man. I generally can never keep up with the potential for Tribe's Wave and Chieftain suction-spin attack, I think this match was a really good one!