Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video Replay: tabby_nat(DE) v TBKesq(SL)

Hi everyone, new video replay between myself and TBKesq. Enjoy!

Links to stuff mentioned in the video:

General DE v SL strategy guide

HA calculator

Dark Elves vs Shaolin general strategy guide

Right, so that SL/DE matchup. It's one of my least favourite matchups as DE, because it's so darn slow and grindy. SL can't attack because SL has problems attacking everybody. DE can't attack because combos. And shadows and monks are nigh unkillable. So what generally happens is that you and your opponent kinda line up opposite each other and a stalemate happens.

According to Trip's excellent FAR (Faction Achievement Rating) analysis, at high levels, SL outperforms DE by 30%. 30%! That's huge! I think that DE does do rather poorly against SL, but I don't think that it's a 6.5-3.5 matchup in favor of SL.

Anyway, on to the guide.