Monday, December 23, 2013

TAST4 Finals Game Replay: Naveeshwa(DW) v TBKesq(DE)

Hi all! This is another TAST 4 finals match, between Naveeshwa playing dwarves, and TBKesq playing dark elves. It's everyone's favorite matchup again! :) this time it's going to be on the tribe map. It used to be a super fast crystal kill map, with each crystal only having 3000 hp, but since the crystals got buffed to 4500 each, crystal rushing isn't as strong as it used to be. That said, with two gem tiles on the map, those crystals can go quick!
Usually, the middle crystal is the first to go, followed by the crystal nearest to the gem tile. The hardest crystal is the one nearest the helm tile - it's really hard to hold the gem tile on that side and attack at the same time, since for that to happen you need to be heavily bunched up around your own gem tile, or out in the open in range of the sword tile.
Move 1
Naveeshwa opens with a gunner on the gem side and gren on the helm side. This is best, because otherwise your opponent would have the helm tile to add magic resist against any grenadier attack.
Move 2
TBKesq opens with a VM 1 ap away from Navee's gem tile, and a wraith on the bottom. Dwarves usually have A problem with stomping, so it can be nice to have a wraith around to deter DW from simply KOing and leaving bodies around. A lightly equipped or vanilla L3 wraith is scary too, and can be used to draw out drills or scrolls. Also, with just a single gem, a L0 wraith can take 3 hits from a 300 magic damage unit - much like the tribe shaman with shield or wizard with shield.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

TAST4 Finals Game Replay: MemoryStays(DE) v Eulero1987(DW)

Ok, so this is the first reported game from the TAST 4 finals! Done in 2 days - these guys are pretty quick, just like this map. ;)Just a quick overview of this map - generally thought to be advantageous for DW, as DW gets a bonus move from the speed tile (so it adds 3 move instead of 2, and a whopping 4 move for engineers!) and because of the ease with which the crystals can be destroyed (with 2 gem tiles, and only 3000 on the back crystal and 6000 on the front crystal, IIRC).PLUS, DW gets bonus gem damage from the gem tile, and a grenadier on your gem tile can easily take out the back crystal, which is the easier crystal to defend. Not that you can block LOS of a grenadier anyway. ;)DE's only hope is to hit the back crystal hard before DW can get started - the speed tile helps with this, as an imp on the speed tile can reach the opponent's gem tile, or close in to melee range of the gem tile. This can force DW to burn their consumables early, which is key to preventing DW from getting unkillable and taking over the map one bubble at a time.

Eulero: I think both gems have 4500 ;-)

Move 1-2
Interesting opening by Memory. Absent any other reason, I would usually open necro top and imp bottom, as imps benefit from the speed tile more than necros, and necros benefit more from the sword tile. Perhaps the imp is there to prevent DW from taking it with a grenadier early? Still, a necro at C2 is not killable second turn, and can deter a grenadier from taking the sword tile. The only way to take advantage is to deploy grenadier, move, move, helm, and 1 AP to spare. But even then, I might be happy with using necro to take the gem tile and letting DW spend 5 AP killing my necro (can't stomp without giving up gren), and developing the imp and priestess.

Memory: I chose to deploy Necro at the bottom to give myself the option to jump onto his gem tile and attack his back crystal. Due to the characteristics of Dwarves, I don't think Necro is very useful in this match-up, thus a better candidate to be sent on a suicide mission.
I deployed an Impaler at the top to deter enemies from coming close to the sword tile, then I upgraded and used him to hold my gem tile. This way I can set up for an offensive position to his middle ground and delay him from securing his gem tile.
In this map, I think speed tile is more important than sword tile (since it is very easy to set up for crystal kill in this map) and taking over the sword tile with Necro on the top wouldn't stop him from building a fortress at the bottom, to which he can develop and take control of the speed tile.