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TAST4 Finals Game Replay: MemoryStays(DE) v Eulero1987(DW)

Ok, so this is the first reported game from the TAST 4 finals! Done in 2 days - these guys are pretty quick, just like this map. ;)Just a quick overview of this map - generally thought to be advantageous for DW, as DW gets a bonus move from the speed tile (so it adds 3 move instead of 2, and a whopping 4 move for engineers!) and because of the ease with which the crystals can be destroyed (with 2 gem tiles, and only 3000 on the back crystal and 6000 on the front crystal, IIRC).PLUS, DW gets bonus gem damage from the gem tile, and a grenadier on your gem tile can easily take out the back crystal, which is the easier crystal to defend. Not that you can block LOS of a grenadier anyway. ;)DE's only hope is to hit the back crystal hard before DW can get started - the speed tile helps with this, as an imp on the speed tile can reach the opponent's gem tile, or close in to melee range of the gem tile. This can force DW to burn their consumables early, which is key to preventing DW from getting unkillable and taking over the map one bubble at a time.

Eulero: I think both gems have 4500 ;-)

Move 1-2
Interesting opening by Memory. Absent any other reason, I would usually open necro top and imp bottom, as imps benefit from the speed tile more than necros, and necros benefit more from the sword tile. Perhaps the imp is there to prevent DW from taking it with a grenadier early? Still, a necro at C2 is not killable second turn, and can deter a grenadier from taking the sword tile. The only way to take advantage is to deploy grenadier, move, move, helm, and 1 AP to spare. But even then, I might be happy with using necro to take the gem tile and letting DW spend 5 AP killing my necro (can't stomp without giving up gren), and developing the imp and priestess.

Memory: I chose to deploy Necro at the bottom to give myself the option to jump onto his gem tile and attack his back crystal. Due to the characteristics of Dwarves, I don't think Necro is very useful in this match-up, thus a better candidate to be sent on a suicide mission.
I deployed an Impaler at the top to deter enemies from coming close to the sword tile, then I upgraded and used him to hold my gem tile. This way I can set up for an offensive position to his middle ground and delay him from securing his gem tile.
In this map, I think speed tile is more important than sword tile (since it is very easy to set up for crystal kill in this map) and taking over the sword tile with Necro on the top wouldn't stop him from building a fortress at the bottom, to which he can develop and take control of the speed tile.

Move 3
Swording, helming and potting the imp, and deploying the priestess and moving up the necro. Gotta baby that imp now, it's a high value target! Not killable at this moment (930HP and 20% magic resist means that the grenadier can't do it even with drill), but the imp's range means that she'll almost certainly end up in kill range if she wants to be an effective threat.

Move 4
Passive play by Eulero. That's how you play DW, anyway. ;) Helming the top gren, deploying gren and engineer, moving gunner and engineer off the deploy tiles. That's pretty much DW play. I think I would have liked to see the gunner up top instead of on the bottom - gunners do poorly against necros, and well against imps due to the ranges involved (gunners can almost never threaten necros on equal terms), and 2 gunner shots (200 or 300) and a drill would take out the imp and be a deterrent for the imp from coming in.
Eulero: Yes, I believe I have not been accurate here. I was trying to get out my units to get a pally and paid little attention to this important detail
Move 5
Memory takes the gem tile with the sworded imp, deploys and takes the speed tile with a VM, and deploys a imp at the bottom. Now you see that the bottom necro is there kinda gumming everything up - the new imp can't move optimally, or protect the VM. If the imp moves to D4, a gren on the sword tile will do mucho splash. On the up side, the VM can take the gem tile from here, or reach C8, which can be a key spot in splashing the crystal (by attacking a unit D8 or C9).

Move 6
Eulero bubbles top gren, gunner, moves vanilla gren, deploys annie and I believe swords top gren, so that it's now a +3 gren with bubble. Again very passive opening, but he doesn't have to get fancy with no pressure from Memory.I'm wondering why he feels the need to start bubbling now, though, given that Memory isn't threatening anything immediately (apart from maybe VM splash, which bubbles are AP inefficient against, anyway). Is his hand full of beers and such? Or perhaps looking to maneuver the bubbled gunner into position to snipe imp?

Eulero: My hand was terrible. I was afraid of a blitz from my opponent and tried to minimise the damage, while consuming cards, so if I eventually got a pally I would have been able to save my wounded units.

Move 7
Memory moves VM to top cluster to splash the value units. I'm not sure if I like this move. No gem damage done, and the Annie and gunner can take out the VM in 3 AP, and one move, leaving 1 AP to stomp. Trading a vanilla VM for a vanilla grenadier and a bunch of splash sounds like a good plan, but Memory needs to convert that damage into another free and clear unit taken to make the trade worth it.

Memory: This is my standard set-up for crystal kill in this map, except I changed my target to his Annihilator after I realized he probably doesn't have any Paladin in his hand. His Annihilator is very vulnerable to my upcoming units at this point as he needed 4 AP to knock out my VM: 1 AP from Annie, 1 AP for the Gunner to move up, and 2 AP from Gunner. If he heals with Brew, I will use Soul Harvest (which will cancel out his Brew and lower its HP to 600) and knock out the Annihilator again. Annihilator is very scary and it is worth of the cost. Taking out the vanilla Grenadier was just a plus.

Move 8
Eulero plays it safe and takes out the VM. Totally called the gunner being more useful up top. ;) (but not for the reasons that I thought!)The gren and the annie are still damaged, so if Memory can press somehow, it could be worth it. However, with the annie in the back, the imp can't overextend and give Eulero a good trade.

Move 9
Memory presses with necro, stomping the annie and retreating. Eulero can trade with the gunner, but this would take up the entire turn, without allowing Eulero to turn more tiles. Note that a phantom does not block the deploy tile - any unit deployed on that tile will stomp the phantom. Ideally, he would have a paladin to deploy right now...

Memory: I stomped his Annihilator thinking if I moved back once, I won't be able to finish his Annihilator if he deploys a Paladin and heal up with Brew. Now I think of it, I think it's better if I stayed on the gem tile and attack his back crystal twice. My choice at the time only allowed me attack the crystal three times with the consumption of a Soul Harvest.
I could also knock out (without stomping) his Grenadier, but since he deployed a unit and gave himself a chance of drawing a Paladin, I didn't want to risk my chances.

Move 10
No paladin - Eulero 3 shots the necro and deploys a gren. I don't see a fifth AP - did Eulero make a huge blunder and give up an AP for free by attacking the phantom? ;) Otherwise the gunner could have taken the gem tile and threatened the imp (with drill).

Memory: I think the Gunner would be suiciding if he takes the gem tile.

Eulero: I had no paladins... :-( but sure I didn't attack the phantom ;-)
I swapped a card, but I don't remember which one.
I wanted to keep the gunner relatively safe from imp attacks and gambled agains him having soul bomb to find my paladins.

Move 11
Memory rezzes with a soul bomb (I believe in the top right corner), takes the gem tile and a good chunk off the back crystal. From a pure crystal kill perspective it might be better to drop it on the centre right, but that would almost certainly give minimal HP boost to the units on the board.

Move 12
Eulero moves up an engineer, deploys another engineer, beers the top gren, KOs the necro and bubbles the back crystal. At this point, Eulero still doesn't have a paladin on the board, and both deploy tiles are occupied, meaning that even if he has a paladin in his hand, it probably can't affect much next turn.

Eulero: Again I gambled against the bomb and again I lost!

Move 13
Memory spends his last soul bomb to rez the necro (this time on the centre right) and takes off most of the top crystal.Was this his plan all along? Having the imp on the top to convince DW to leave the gem tile unoccupied and using Bette necro on the speed tile to swoop in and do damage? That's.. Interesting. :) I'm not sure that I would call it a genius move, since necros are blocked by LOS unlike grenadiers (as you can see here, Memory was unable to finish off the back crystal due to the engineer blocking LOS). D8 is also a rather popular tile to be occupied, since it's one of these tiles which are exactly 2 move from the deploy tile.

Memory: Even though my Necro is blocked by the Engineer, I can still move forward and hit his crystal 3 times, leaving only 600 HP left on his back crystal. I just thought it would be more beneficial to attack the top crystal while I'm on both gem tiles.
Given it's easier to secure the back crystal than the top, next time I might go for the back crystal instead.

Eulero: I was desperate here. The second soul bomb put me on my knees. I decided to offer my gren to buy time.

Move 14
Eulero starts to get antsy about his crystals and finally stomps the necro (yeah, finally) with the vanilla gren, and bubbles both crystals. Memory now has to find a way to take the last bit of damage off the back crystal - looks to be around 2500 damage or so?

Move 15
Memory gets more threats on the board. Unfortunately for him, they're necros and not VMs, but you deal with your hand as best you can…

Move 16
Eulero either scrolls or drills the vanilla imp. Woah. He's really scared, or has a really cluttered hand. Stomps too, not sure if that was strictly necessary given that Memory is now out of soul bombs. I might have just 3 shot the imp and left the gunner on the speed tile, threatening the imp and blocking the speed tile.

Memory: He used a scroll. He used his first drill on a vanilla VM on move 27, another at the end.

Eulero: I was really scared of the imp running to H1 to damage my crystal. Sure, I didn't do well by stomping.

Move 17
Memory swords and gems the necro out of necessity (nothing else to spend the equipment on) and KOs the gunner, no stomp necessary. Perhaps he can pick off the engineers?

Move 18
Eulero deploys a gunner on the bottom with helm and bubble. It's still an even game now - Memory has survived the early game and done significant damage, but he's not in a fantastic position - Eulero still has 3 consumables, and Memory wasn't able to take out any Paladins (because he hasn't had any!) or engineers, meaning that a late dwarf fortress is still possible.

Eulero: I think my gems are too low to call this equal. Maybe gearing the necro has not been the best option, but I think he still has some advantage.

Move 19
Memory spends the gem on his imp, making it a super prime target, KOs the grenadier, and seems to be threatening a pull/KO on the D8 engineer, opening the back crystal for damage and popping a bubble (not sure which bubble though). How can Eulero deal with that imp? It's going to be a trade at best, given that necro in the back.

Eulero: I think he should have gone for the gunner instead by advancing and grounding the engineer at D8. If I had rezzed my engineer I could not have saved one of my units to a second attack by necro and if I had gone for the necro I would have lost my gunner to the imp.

Move 20
Eulero finally draws his first paladin! He rezzes and takes the gem tile with his grenadier, forcing at least 2AP to take the gem tile, and swords the bottom gunner. Now the imp has to move, or get scrolled/drilled by the gunner. Alternatively, stay where he is and force a trade by taking the gunner with the necro and scroll - strictly speaking not a good deal, but with the gunner off the field, a monster VM in the back would be impossible to deal with. And VMs are what he needs to splash that back crystal.

Eulero: I threatened his units with my sworeded gunner but had not decided if accept trades yet. I hoped to induce a misplacement somehow.

Move 21
Memory opens the gem tile with the imp, but doesn't bother to stomp, instead spending his AP by putting a vanilla VM on the speed tile. Clearly, he's going for the back crystal. The gunner can only take out the VM in 3 AP, and stomping would be suicidal due to the sworded imp. Memory is out of soul bombs, so perhaps a 3 shot and retreat would be possible? Still, if Memory has a priestess in his hand, the 3 shot would be wasted ap - Memory can just deploy and heal up, and gain AP in the process.

Move 22
Eulero decided to trade his gunner for the imp and a scroll or drill. A good trade for him on paper, but now he has nothing to stop the VM! 2 consumables left, a drill might be more useful than a scroll.

Eulero: I was really afraid about losing my healer here and I needed some space to manoeuvre, so I went for this trade purely for dynamic reasons.

Move 23
Memory spends a scroll to take the gunner. Eulero now has to take care of the VM threat somehow, before it splashes the back crystal away! To fully block all angles of attack, eulero needs to cover D7 and E8, preferably with a paladin on either tile to mitigate splash with self heal. Without the imp on the board Eulero is also now free to retake his gem tile with a helmed unit. With paladin aura, a +2 unit will take all 5 AP to kill!

Move 24
Eulero fills D7 with the +3 grenadier and the E8 tile with a paladin. An abundance of paladins now! I wonder if Memory had been committed to the crystal kill, if VM to E8 on the last turn, 4 AP attack on the engineer would have been able to break the last crystal. The response would be gunner to E7, 3 shot VM. Then summon wraith on D8 engineer, take out crystal? Hmm.

Eulero: Well, I don't know if this would have killed my crystal. If yes, it would have been a good move. Te only thing I can remember is that I have never been short of consumables, so maybe I could have used one to save the last portion of my skin.

Tabby: even if a consumable is used to stomp the VM, you would have to leave C8, D8 or E8 open to necro from speed tile

Move 25
Memory batters himself against the dwarf fortress. Eulero will have to either open D8 to kill the VM with the +3 grenadier (at the same time leaving the grenadier open to a kill stomp from the necro), or spending a drill to kill the VM to get enough AP to kill the VM and heal grenadier. Alternatively, I wonder if Eulero can just ignore the VM, heal up, partially damage VM and kill next turn, or slowly gain AP to deploy on top? VM could potentially sword and scroll kill paladin or grenadier though. Perhaps it's not worth the risk.

Move 26
Eulero spends a drill on the vanilla VM to give enough AP to heal up afterwards. Not an unreasonable move, given that his dwarf fortress is shaping up nicely. I wonder if the vanilla VM at D6 (in front of the +3 gren) might have been a better choice - even if drill, you still need at least 2 more 200 damage hits, which can't come from the grenadier (due to melee damage being halved - does it amount to 200 with 2 pally auras?), causing Eulero to break up his dwarf fortress a bit more and reducing his AP advantage.

Eulero: Surely VMs are my worst nightmare while setting up the fortress!

Move 27
Memory deploys his priestesses and swaps his pot to turn tiles. Horrible, horrible time to lose momentum. Perhaps instead of throwing away the VM at move 25, Memory could have gone up to the opponent's gem tile, given the grenadier a tap to force a heal (to remove beer and threaten necro scrollkill) retreat to say the sword tile just for blocking purposes, and use the 2 AP to bring out a priestess and clear the deploy tile. That way, your opponent has to deal with a threat as well, so it's not just 5 free AP to do whatever he likes.

Move 28
Eulero uses the 5 AP to bring out a gunner and make it +3. Not sure where the last AP went - swap or heal? Either way, with no way of getting to the back crystal and the fear of getting drilled at any time, Memory can't press at all.

Eulero: I healed the front engineer. I was starting to feel some relief here

Move 29
Memory deploys the VM, and takes some easy crystal from the top with the phantom. I don't like this move - DW will want to move the gunner forward anyway, so it's just 1 AP to deal with the phantom. Then it's another 4AP for Eulero. Memory is losing AP fast, and still has no way of getting at the back crystal. Instead, the VM splash on +3 gren still looks like a good AP efficient move to me.

Memory: I had to make a difficult choice here--to decide whether I should upgrade VM or wait for my last Impaler to show up in one of my two reinforcements. Both have their advantages. I ended up choosing Impaler and deployed a VM, hoping the Impaler would show up next round.
I attacked the top crystal with phantom thinking there wasn't much I can do until I get my Impaler, given the Grenadier standing in a very threatening position. I could've swapped a unit to make sure I get the Impaler. Ultimately, my greed to do more damage on top crystal ended up hurting me because I didn't get the Impaler next round.

Move 30-31
A missed screenshot here, but it seems like Eulero advanced the gunner as expected, took out the phantom, bubbled the top crystal, and with 1 AP to spare doing something.
Memory responds by moving the priestess forward and debuffing the gunner. The obvious intent is to prevent the gunner from taking the +3 necro (and threatens a scrollkill if gunner does not heal). There's no real urgency to stomp a priestess at this point, though. If Memory wants to save the priestess, he's going to have to spend a lot of AP, and that's AP that isn't being spent trying to break the fortress.

Move 32
Eulero KOs the priestess, heals up and bubbles.

Move 33
Memory uses the wraith to eat the priestess. Now he has the option of either getting a +3 wraith or a +3 VM. Eulero has a drill left and 2 +3 units on the board, though.

Move 34
Eulero gives up the bubble on the top crystal and positions to take the sword tile with the bubbled +3 grenadier. If he gets that, he's pretty much locked down the top half of the map and Memory has to give up his gem tile, and controls the speed tile. Eulero also still has enough units left over to block the back crystal.

Eulero: I was feeling good here. However I only had a drill left, so I needed either good blitzes on his top units (geared necro, wraith and last VM) or room for crystal attacks. I cannot afford trading my +3 units.

Move 35
Memory delays Eulero by taking the sword tile himself, and decides to spend the equipment on the +1 wraith. This gives him the potential to deal burst damage, so it's a way to get in on the dwarf fortress (and is less vulnerable than a +3 imp).

Move 36
Eulero clears the sword tile, but can't stay on the tile due to the potential scrollkill. Still, that's a free necro.

Move 37
Memory offers up a priestess, debuffs the grenadier to allow the priestess to survive 3 hits and seems to be threatening to KO the paladin and retreat to set up better positioning. He might be forgetting something, though…

Move 38
Bangbangbangbang. No consumable needed, no trade, no nothing, just 2 free +3 units. Memory has to choose which unit to save, and can't even get the +3 gunner in trade…

Eulero: This is the good blitz! Lucky me this opportunity has been possible.

Move 39
Memory chooses to save the wraith, pot it, and back himself into the corner, pop the bubble... Neehhh... Game looks over at this point. I expect that he ate the necro, so it's a +2 wraith now.

Memory: What makes the mistake less horrible is my Wraith can survive two Gunner ranged hits + Drill now, as well as a step closer to potentially 2 shot anything on the board.

Eulero: Already over? I also was thinking about a clear advantage for me, but maybe still not decisive.

Move 40
Eulero takes the priestess, uses up the debuff on the grenadier, bubbles and heals up, and takes the sword tile with the gunner. Why gunner and not grenadier? That would pretty much allow the gunner to move freely and guarantee that taking out the gunner would result in a trade, giving Eulero the free win. Next turn, Paladin from C8 to B7, gunner to C6 to get pally aura, and everything is set. Wraith has to sacrifice himself (even with scroll) to get any killstomp, and has no AOE, so it's a stalemate at best.

Eulero: I moved the gunner away to prevent a scroll kill by the wraith. I somehow was convinced I could not stomp the wraith in return, but I don't know if my calculation were correct. Moreover, I was a bit reluctant to enter an endgame without a way to deal with the VM. I hoped to gain more by keeping complicated the position a few move longer.

Move 41
Memory takes a chunk out of the gunner, threatens the bottom paladin. Memory can spend the scroll to killeat the paladin, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea - a sworded +3 wraith does 600 damage, which is still not enough to 2 shot a +3 unit with any paladin aura. I would rather be able to scrollkill the gunner.

Move 42
Eulero plays it safe and heals and bubbles up again. Memory has a free 5 AP, but what can he do with 5AP?

Eulero: This was my point when I retreated my gunner

Move 43
Memory spends the scroll to get the shielded paladin. Now it's a +3 wraith, but no more scroll left.

Eulero: I don't think this has been a good use of the scroll. It doesn't even remove the stalemate fortress in case all the geared units disappear.

Move 44
Eulero takes the sword tile with the +3 gren. No aura, so he can be 2 shot with the wraith. He retreats the paladin out of wraith range, and takes 3AP to damage the top crystal.

Eulero: I think if he goes for the grenadier I can stomp his wraith with the gunner.

I actually would prefer to move gren to sword tile, paladin from C8 to B7, paladin from E8 to C8, 2 shots on crystal. This gives the grenadier paladin coverage, while keeping a paladin at C8 to cover everyone else.

Eulero: Yes that would have been much better

Both moves open the back crystal to splash from the VM (from E8 and D7), but there's no way that you can keep the fortress going after losing that paladin. But you don't have to anyway! I would focus on trading out the wraith and then cleaning up.

Eulero: Sure, the fortress was no longer the main plan

Move 45
Memory takes out the gren and positions to threaten amost all of Eulero's units. Now Eulero has to spend AP to save the grenadier - he can't kill the wraith, as a +3 wraith has at minimum 1260 hp, which is enough to take a drill and 2 ranged gunner hits (or 1 melee gunner hit).

Move 46
Eulero rezzes, beers and bubbles the gren (what happened to the last AP)? This seems kinda risky to me - what if wraith to C5, 2 shot paladin, eat, retreat to C2? That's out of range of the grenadier. I suppose gunner could chase to C3, 2 shot drill to KO. Priestess rez, 3 shot to KO gunner, priestess heal - I don't think grenadier could do sufficient damage to take out the wraith without the sword tile. With 1 paladin left, this would be a much easier task! It looks like spending a scroll to dislodge that shielded paladin was the pebble that started the avalanche! But...

Memory: His Paladin seemed like a bait to me. If I killed his Paladin and retreat to C3, his Grenadier can move onto my gem tile next round and do (300+360*2)*3=3060 damage tomy back crystal. With 4 AP to knock out his Grenadier, I can only block one of C1 or D2. He can then move an Engineer to one of the position and do 560 damage to the crystal, then in the next round, finish it with a drill.

Eulero: The last AP has been for swapping bubbles.

I remember I was planning something against that obvious move, but was undecided between your suggested counter and a back crystal rush with the grenadier followed by a rush of the engineer through the speed tile. Anyway, I needed to give aura to both my units; I was really upset for missing the better move with paladins on my last turn.

Move 47
Memory doesn't do that. Instead, he deploys an imp, pops the bubble, and drags the grenadier off the sword tile with a deployed imp. Hm.

Move 48
Easy decision. Bomb the wraith! Although Eulero was not able to stomp, the high HP of a wraith is kind of a double edged sword - you can't heal enough to gain AP. Rez heal heal gives you 900 HP, so you need 4 AP to heal to max from a rez. That leaves 1 AP for retreating, giving Eulero an AP advantage.

Move 49
Yup. Heal and reposition - still in range of the paladin though.

Move 50
Eulero concentrates on bubbling up the gren again, and takes out the imp while taking a shot at the top crystal. I guess Memory felt that he had to occupy his gem tile to prevent the grenadier from taking it and bombing the back crystal away, but he wouldn't be in such dire straits if he hadn't given so many free AP for Eulero to take shots at his top crystal. If he had eaten the Paladin and retreated to C2, the gren could go take his gem tile and take 3 shots at the back crystal, but then the wraith could 3 shot the grenadier immediately, and stomp with VM (increasing the odds that Eulero will have to expose his gunner and make a mistake and allow his softer targets to get eaten or just KOed.

Move 51
Memory tries to save the imp, at the expense of not eating the paladin. I really don't agree with this. Now you're just giving Eulero the opportunity to move his paladin up (which he would have to do anyway).

Memory: I didn't want his Grenadier to attack my back crystal on both gem tiles. Letting him use AP on moving his other Paladin closer is my more preferable choice out of all unfavourables.

Move 52
Eulero saves the paladin.

Move 53
Memory takes out a paladin.

Move 54
Eulero KOs the imp, and spends his remaining AP taking out the top crystal and moving his paladin to support both +3 units with aura.
I wonder if he could have won outright here by KOing imp, moving gren to gem tile, moving paladin to C4. Next turn, Memory has to choose between leaving gren on gem tile and taking paladin (assuring that the back crystal dies in 5 hits), or KOing but not killing gren (rez, 4 crystal hits leaving back crystal almost dead, assuredly within drill kill range). It's a straight crystal kill from here.

Eulero: Interesting move! But I didn't see it... :-(

Move 55
Memory takes out the last paladin, but decides to park the wraith on the gem tile. Why?? IIRC it is a 4AP kill, then just advance gunner to C5 - wraith has to spend 4AP healing and rezzing, and has no way of avoiding drill kill. If wraith moves away, it's bombs away!

Memory: It was the furthest I can go after I killed his last Paladin. :/

Eulero: Another good move missed! I was feeling like missing opportunities since a few turns. Now I decided to take out the priestess trying to win through KOing the wraith but it proved more difficult than I figured.

Move 56
Eulero decides to take out the priestess instead.

Move 57
Memory decides to take out the grenadier. Even at this range, the wraith can KO the gunner (move move attack x3)

Move 58
Eulero looks for the crystal kill with engineers.

Eulero: This has been a difficult move to find. I have to create an alternative threat to the crystal in cas he goes for my gunner. My task has been so complicated by my previous inaccuracies and maybe I could have lost

Move 59
Memory doesn't take the gem tile! WHY! Better move would have been wraith to C2, attack attack, stomp with VM. At most 4 whacks with engineer (for about 4 * (200+420) = 2480) damage. At 39%, the back crystal probably has around 3900), leaving 1420. Drill does 600 with bonus 420 per gem tile (engineer bonus). It's close! From behind VM, wraith can still 3 hit gunner.

Memory: This map has two crystals of 4500 HP each. 39% of 9000 HP would be 3510.
4 hits from Engineer = (200+420)*4 = 2480 damage
Drill = 600+420 = 1020 damage
In the same turn he used Drill, his Gunner can move to C2 and attack with ranged hit (assuming I moved my Wraith to D2 to prevent direct hit), resulting 300 more damage.
2480 + 1020 + 300 = 3800 > 3510; I believe that would break my crystal.

Eulero: I remember I considered that. I somehow was convinced to kill the crystal anyway (maybe by rushing with the gunner after 4 hit attack with engineer and before last drill move) but maybe I was wrong.

Move 60
Eulero takes both gem tiles and drops the drill, KOing the VM. The bonus damage from the gem tiles is actually untyped damage, which explains why it seems to do so much damage! So that's 200 physical splash from the drill, and 280 untyped damage from the gem tiles, which was enough to KO the VM.

Eulero: This has been the most difficult move to find. Only by occupying gem tiles with both engineers the drill would have KOed the monk. Moreover now I am assured of being able to deal 4 hits to the crystal while occupying a purple tile.
I used much time to think about a TKO by advancing the gunner to the front gem tile and 3 shooting his units, in order to chase the wraith with a super speedy engineer and the drill. Sadly he could have saved his wraith by retreating in top left corner while keeping just 50 HPs on his wraith!

Move 61
Yeah... too late.

Move 62
And that's it!

Eulero: A very difficult game but very enjoyable as well!

That was a frenzy from start to finish, and apart from some timid play at the end, a very exciting match. =)
Hope you enjoyed the games, and good luck in the tournament!

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